Frequently Asked Questions

We want to make the purchasing process as simple as possible for you. Below you will find the most Frequently Asked Questions, but if you have any questions that aren’t answered here, please feel free to give us a call or ask a question in the chatbox below.


Why is the powder-coating so important? How is it applied?

Powder coating is important because once the powder coating cures, it creates a durable finish that causes the marine-grade aluminum to last for years. In short, this is because when the powder coat is heated, it creates cross-links, melts, and then forms a sheath of protective coating on the aluminum.

The Application Process:

  1. A prepaint coating is applied to the metal.
  2. The planters are heated to ensure the prepaint coating dries evenly and thoroughly.
  3. The metal planter is electrically charged. This is done because the powder-coating adheres to static electricity. The powder is sprayed on the metal.
  4. Once the planter has been powder-coated, we heat it to cure the powder-coat.

Powder-coating heavy gauge 5052 marine-grade aluminum alloy, creates a superior product suitable for all interior or exterior commercial applications.

Do I need liners? Why or why not?
Whether you need liners depends on the material of the planter you are using.

You do not need liners for marine-grade aluminum and fiberglass planters. Neither of these materials degrades from constant exposure to water and soil. Additionally, marine-grade aluminum and fiberglass planters can be made watertight, further removing the need for a liner.

Liners are good to use if the planter material will degrade when in constant contact with soil and water, such as a wood planter. Also, a liner is good to use in interior applications if the planter is not watertight.
Do I have to use fiberglass planters on a rooftop?


Marine-grade aluminum or fiberglass can be used for a rooftop application since both materials are light-weight and much lighter than concrete or steel. 

Fiberglass and aluminum are both suitable materials to use when overall weight is a concern with rooftop planters.

One factor to consider is the material used to fill the planter. You want to fill the planter with light-weight material. Adding internal shelves and using non-biodegradable materials in the base of planters is a way to decrease weight.

Please click here to learn more about different options for planter materials and here to learn more about options for filling a planter.

I am concerned about the amount of weight a deck can hold. Are the Modern Elite Aluminum Planters heavy?

No, the Modern Elite Planters are lightweight.

The benefit of aluminum is its high-strength to weight ratios. Most of the weight will actually come from the type of fill and type of plantings used. The material weights will change and will be based on the size of the planter and if additional reinforcing is required. Please contact us to receive the exact weight of the product you would like to purchase.

If weight is a concern, our recommendation is to focus on reducing the weight of fill material and plants inside the container. If you can reduce the planting depth to a minimum, you can then fill the void spaces with Styrofoam, non-biogradable packing peanuts, or our EZ Fill-ter bags. It is recommended to wrap the void fill in a landscape fabricate to create separation from the planting soil and to provide filtration.

We recommend contacting a structural engineer to verify that the deck can, in fact, hold the number of planters that you are ordering. However, in general, decks and rooftops are designed to carry 50 lbs./SF or more. For example, the 72" L x 20” W x 24” H aluminum planter only has a load of 6.9 lbs./SF so the majority of the weight comes from what used inside the planter. 

Do you sell plastic planters?

We do not currently sell plastic planters. However, if you are interested in that look, we recommend that you check out our fiberglass planters, which can be custom designed with your chosen color, and are also lightweight. 

What is the lead time for planters?

We strive to meet your specific requested date. Please let us know when you need the planters delivered by, and then we can work backward from your date. Lead times vary from 1 week to 4 months depending, on the material of the planter, current stock availability, and whether or not it is a custom project. For your convenience, we have outlined general timelines per brand. 

If you need something rushed or if you would like a custom-designed planter, please contact us, and we will see if we can work with you to meet your deadline.


Modern Elite Aluminum Planters

  • Ships 1 - 3 weeks from order date.

PurePots Fiberglass Planters

  • In-stock planters ships within 1 week of order date.

COR-TEN Weathering Steel Planters (made to order)

  • Ships 2-4 weeks from order date.

All other planter brands

  • Stock planters: Ships within 1 week of order date.
  • Out-of-stock planters: Ships within 10 to 12 weeks.

Other Products

All fire bowls and tables

  • Ships 3-4 weeks after order date.

All other products

  • Ship time varies per product (usually within a week for in-stock products). View specific product to find lead time in the product specs.
What is your most popular durable planter?

The Modern Elite Aluminum Planter is our most popular and durable planter. These planters were developed because there was a need in the marketplace for a more durable commercial-grade planter. 

Our aluminum planters are fabricated from heavy gauge marine-grade 5052 aluminum alloy (.125” thick). This is the same marine-grade aluminum that is used on commercial boats, airplanes, exterior building products, etc. 

Modern Elite Aluminum Planters are powder-coated on the outside, and the inside with an architectural-grade powder called TIGER Drylac Series 38. This powder ensures the planters will not fade or degrade due to its inherent qualities of UV stability, adds additional durability, and has the added benefit of being VOC free. In addition, the powder is AAMA 2604 compliant, and once applied in the powder-coating process to the aluminum imparts excellent weather and UV resistance, based on 5 years of Florida weather exposure.

Is there a warranty on your planters? If so, what is the warranty?

We do offer a warranty on our planters. Our planters carry a 1-year limited warranty on material and workmanship, and a 3-year limited warranty on the finish against rusting, peeling, chipping, cracking, mold, and mildew. 

Our warranty covers any defects in manufacturing that become apparent during the normal use of our product. The warranty does not cover loss due to theft, nor to damage caused by misuse, abuse, modifications, improper storage, or acts of nature. The warranty also does not cover any parts or products that are subject to normal wear and tear. 

In the case of an approved warranty claim, PureModern reserves the right to repair and/or replace the product with the same product. The warranty does not cover any, nor allow for any recovery of incidental or consequential damages such as loss of use, damage to property, or other consequential damage. PureModern will not accept liability for such damage. Any alterations to the product after delivery will void this warranty.

Do you offer casters on your planters?

Yes. We can add casters to our Modern Elite powder-coated aluminum planters. Casters are essentially wheels that are added to the bottom of planters to make the planter easily movable and can be locking or non-locking.

The specification to have casters placed on PureModern planters are as listed below:

  • 24”in high and under with a minimum width of 16”in
  • 24”in high and over with a minimum width of 18”in
Some of the product descriptions say that the product will patina. What does this mean?

Any mention of patina is usually in reference to our products made of COR-TEN weathering steel.

Patina is an important process for COR-TEN. COR-TEN is actually named for two of its properties corrosion resistance (COR) and tensile strength (TEN). 

For COR-TEN to become fully corrosion-resistant, it needs to go through a patina process. During this process the steel changes from a raw metal look (in which the color of the steel is gray) to patina (where the metal turns the color of orange-brown).

To patina, the planter does need to be placed in the elements. This means that COR-TEN weathering steel should only be used outdoors and the planter should not be covered. It is important to note that when the planter is going through the patina process, the metal can bleed onto the surrounding surface. 

Once this change has occurred, the weathering process of COR-TEN is complete. This means that the steel is now resistant to corrosion and is perfect for many outdoor climates. (Note: COR-TEN weathering steel planters need to be at least two kilometers away from large bodies of saltwater, as saltwater can erode this material. I.e., you wouldn’t want to use COR-TEN in a cafe located next to a saltwater beach).

If you love the look of COR-TEN weathering steel but do not think the material will work for your needs, we recommend using powder-coated aluminum planters in weathered rust. This is a commercial alternative that mimics the look of COR-TEN weathering steel. 

In addition to COR-TEN, we also offer a product line of fiberglass planters with a metal-infused finish that will patina.

Can I order product samples even though I am not ordering a product right now?


When you order PureModern’s free samples*, you can see the color and texture**, and placing the samples in the right lighting will allow you to determine, with confidence, the correct option for you and your client.

*Planter color samples are complimentary. Fire pit swatches require a down payment that is credited upon return.

**Only our Modern Elite Planter and concrete fire pit color samples come in the same product color and texture. Our PurePots color samples come on a heavy plastic that emulates the texture of our fiberglass planters.

How do you fill a planter?

There is a lot of information about how to properly fill a planter. However, we recommend the following process:

1.) Make sure the planter is level and is elevated above the area it is sitting upon to prevent condensation.

2.) Add a filler that is not biodegradable, if the planter is considerably larger than the space needed for the plant to grow.

3.) Place landscape fabric to separate the filler from the soil and allow excess water from a possible over-saturated soil to leave the roots.

4.) Add about 6 inches of soil. Make sure the soil you use is appropriate for the plant. Then, tamp down, add more soil, and repeat.

5.) Add Plant sipper, if desired.

6.) Add the plant, more soil, and then wet the soil.

7.) Leave about an inch space between the top of the soil and the top of the planter

Learn more at

What is the main difference between your Modern Elite and PurePots planter lines?

The main difference between our Modern Elite and PurePots planter lines is that Modern Elite is our metal planter line, and PurePots is a fiberglass planter line. 

While both our Modern Elite and PurePots line are highly, durable commercial planters, they are also colored using different processes. Our Modern Elite planters are colored using a powder-coated spray or what is appropriate for the desired metal, and our PurePots planter line is colored using BASF automotive quality paint. 

Please contact us if you would like to know which line would work best for your commercial project. 

Metal Planters

What is the difference between marine-grade aluminum and other types of aluminum?
The difference between aluminum and marine-grade aluminum is how it is alloyed. Aluminum has its own innate properties that make it resistant to corrosion. However, if the intentional use of the material will be in constant contact with moisture, then a marine-grade series aluminum is best.

We use a 5052 marine-grade aluminum alloy, which has the following attributes:
  • High resistance to corrosion when in constant contact with moisture
  • Lightweight
  • High-strength
  • Weldability
What is special about PureModern Aluminum Planters compared to using a local metal fabricator?

Here is the short and the long of it.

The Short:

  • We only fabricate planters.
  • We have over 10 years of experience.
  • Design capabilities. We engineer the planters with proper reinforcing to prevent them from deflecting and bowing after being fully loaded with fill. We have a proven and established project process to provide superior quality and consistency on every single planter.
  • Fixed Lead times. We know how long it takes and will complete the project when we say we will. Local fabricators can often take weeks to months longer to complete what was initially quoted. 
  • Fixed pricing. Local fabricators often do not realize the time and expense involved and may quote the project initially less but come back to you for change orders increasing the unexpected initial price, or they may sacrifice quality because they do not want to take a loss.
  •  We are not going anywhere, and we offer a warranty. 

    The Long:

    Without a doubt, PureModern offers a superior commercial aluminum planter. You can be sure of this because we are so confident in our fabrication shop, that we offer a warranty on the material and workmanship of the planter.

    We also use proven planter fabrication methods and have the experience (and clientele) to back our claims up.

    Unlike some fabricators, we can assure you of the highest quality of aluminum. We use a heavy-gauge, marine-grade, recycled 5052 Aluminum Alloy for our planters. This type of aluminum alloy is also used for shipbuilding - which is how you know that these planters are perfect for use in most commercial projects. 

    Along those same lines, we are confident of our planters' structural stability and we can reinforce the planter as needed.  

    Our aluminum planters also come with fully welded seams, so the planters are watertight. We also make sure that the planter seams are sanded down, which is unique to our process so that the welding seams are invisible. 

    These planters are also powder-coated inside and out. Powder-coating is more durable than paint because it is specially formulated to withstand UV-rays and is resistant to frost. Our planters are also powder-coated in-house to ensure that the job is done right.

    In terms of cost, we have found that local fabricators often underestimate the cost of creating a planter. However, we are in the planter business and offer fixed, known costs to our clients, so there are no surprises.

    Finally, we offer fixed lead times. We can fabricate custom aluminum planters in under 3 weeks, which assures you that your planter will arrive when you need it and to your specifications.

    What does gauge mean?

    Gauge is the measurement metal manufactures use to determine how thick a piece of metal is.

    For example, gauge for aluminum runs from 30 to 3. Ironically, the lower the number, the larger the thickness. So 30 gauge is .0100 inches, and 3 gauge is .2294 inches. The thickness of the aluminum used for our Modern Elite Aluminum Planters ranges from .100 to .250 inches, depending on the project.

    Custom Planters

    How are wood-clad planters made?

    Wood-clad planters are made in four steps.

    First, an aluminum planter box is fabricated to fit your size specifications. Then, metal plates are welded to the outside of the planter. Once the metal plates are welded, the planter is powder-coated. And finally, wood is attached to the planter with fasteners. The fasteners are not visible on the outside of the planter.

    Please see the images below to see the finished product.

    Wood-clad aluminum planter at shop | PureModern Wood-clad aluminum planter in shop | PureModern  Wood-clad aluminum planter on rooftop | PureModern

    Can you make precision cuts?

    There are different ways of making precision cuts, depending on the available equipment.

    At PureModern, we can make precision cuts for projects that require a custom trellis design. You can provide the pattern, and we can make the design. We can also add a logo to a planter and even do etching if requested.

    So, if you have something in mind that you would like done to personalize your planter, please contact us and we will determine how best to meet your requirements.
    Do you make custom planters?

    Yes, we specialize in custom commercial planters.

    For example, our Modern Elite Aluminum Planters, which are made of marine-grade aluminum, and then powder-coated, can be fabricated in as little as 1 week.

    However, we don't think that you should have to settle for something other than what your project space demands. After all, our tag line is "Your vision. Our containers." We care about making your vision come to life. 

    This is why we are very proud to offer custom planters to help you meet your project needs. We can customize the size, color, and shape of your planter. 

    Specifically, we offer both aluminum and fiberglass planter customization. Aluminum provides us the most flexibility as we are able to create custom shapes with short lead times. 

    We can also customize the shape of fiberglass planters. However, due to additional steps that have to be taken for fiberglass planters, the lead time will be longer. 

    To get started on your custom planter, click here to fill out our quote form.

    Do you provide custom colors? Do custom colors cost more?

    Yes, and usually.

    The material you have chosen will dictate the options of color available to you.

    At PureModern, we spray most fiberglass planters with automotive-grade paint. We prefer using BASF for its highly resistant and durable finish. If you provide any RAL, Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, or your favorite paint company color code, we will match it.

    For powder-coated aluminum, we prefer TIGER Drylac® Series 38 powder coating. Color options will depend on your application, whether interior or exterior. TIGER Drylac® is VOC-free and made for industrial applications such as military equipment and communication towers.

    It is also proven to be weather and UV-ray resistant. According to the manufacturer, “Based on 5-year Florida exposure, TIGER Drylac® Series 38 exhibits 5.0 (Hunter) color change and > 30% gloss retention.” Finally, TIGER Drylac® Series 38 also complies with the American Architectural Manufacturing Association’s specification AAMA 2604.

    We are happy to send you a brochure showing the color options when requested.

    As far as price goes, it depends on the size of the order and what color and desired finish is selected. There are certain pigments that are more expensive than others.

    How do I achieve the look of one long, continuous planter?

    At PureModern, we are big fans of this look, and we have helped many clients create it. 

    To accomplish this high-impact look, we recommend using our modular bolted planter system. This design provides a continuous open trough on the interior.

    The planter sections will have tight vertical joints on the sides every several feet. It is fully customizable to fit your exact project specifications. Please contact us to learn more.

    Planter Accessories

    How do plant sippers work?

    Plant sippers work similarly to how an aquifer works.

    A plant sipper is an empty plastic tank or reservoir that can hold water and has a long hollow tube attached to it so water can be added to the tank. They are used to reduce the amount of water needed to keep plants alive.

    The tank is placed in a planter below the area that the plants' roots will be. As the plants establish themselves, their roots will extend towards the tank of water. And then, by capillary action, the plant will draw water when the plant needs it.

    The long tube connected to the tank will need to be just above the top of the soil level to allow for water to be easily added to the tank. The tube has a float inside that rises when the tank is full of water and lowers as the water is used.

    Plant sippers, or self-watering reservoirs, save on the overall amount of water required for growth and, therefore, decreases watering frequency.

    Plant Sippers

    Wholesale & Trade

    Do you provide trade discounts and wholesale pricing?
    We do offer trade discounts. To apply to our trade discount program, please click here to learn more and fill out the form. Once the form is filled out, you can expect to hear back from us within 24 hours.

    Concrete Fire Pits

    Can I order product samples even though I am not ordering a product right now?


    When you order PureModern’s free samples*, you can see the color and texture**, and placing the samples in the right lighting will allow you to determine, with confidence, the correct option for you and your client.

    *Planter color samples are complimentary. Fire pit swatches require a down payment that is credited upon return.

    **Only our Modern Elite Planter and concrete fire pit color samples come in the same product color and texture. Our PurePots color samples come on a heavy plastic that emulates the texture of our fiberglass planters.