Custom Planters - Modern & Contemporary Commercial Grade Planters

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Have you ever browsed for a modern planter for an upcoming project and been dissatisfied with the options available? PureModern can create customized commercial grade metal and fiberglass planters to your specification, timeline, and budget needs. We offer a variety of materials, shapes and finishes and provide installation and irrigation accessories.  Custom planter orders can be completed in as little as two weeks for rush projects.   

What is your desired planter application?

Do you want custom planter boxes for an indoor or outdoor space? For a veranda, entry way, or patio? Do you want a planter to separate dining spaces in a restaurant, create privacy on a hotel roof top deck, create a pathway to a large dinner buffet, or bring color to a pool's deckside? 

What planter shape fits your available space?

Do you want a planter with a small footprint to maximize the seating in your corporate office, or do you have enough space to install a wonderful bowl overflowing with grandeur? Is there sufficient natural lighting where you want to place a planter, either from a nearby window or directly from the sky above?

What planter material fits your needs and budget?

PureModern offers custom planters made from commercial grade aluminum that's powder-coated inside and out, as well as those made from commercial fiberglass, copper, stainless steel, galvanized steel, ductal UHPC concrete or corten steel with its natural earthy hues. We also carry commercial planters made of fiberglass, either with an automotive quality paint finish or a metal-fused finish that attains a natural patina over time. 

What color or finish do you require?

Most of our planters, fiberglass or otherwise can be custom painted. Choose from our existing finishes to any RAL color. 

Do you have irrigation or installation needs?

Ollie Plant Sippers capitalize on the plant's own natural capillary action of attaining water and nutrients through its roots. By choosing this system, a plant will require 80% less water, and the water holding tank only needs to be filled every 6 weeks - conserving resources and saving you time and money. The EZ Fill-Ter bags are a great way to fill your planters in lieu of heavy soil or stones, while still providing a water filtration system.

What is your timeline?

PureModern understands that our customers have deadlines for events such as restaurant openings or corporate banquets. Because of this, we have become an industry leader for turn-around time for custom orders. In fact, we can custom manufacture powder coated aluminum planters in as little as 12 working days or less. 

Ready for a quote?

 After contacting us, please allow 24 hours for us to respond with your client-specific custom planter requirements. For additional support, feel free to contact us at 1-800-563-0593.