Planter Accessories

Modern Planters & Accessories: Your Design Essentials

Whether you’re decorating commercially or residentially, our modern planters can serve as unique decorative elements that energize your space. More importantly, as a decorator, it is important to include the small details that will complete the look. Don’t forget to add our planter accessories that pair perfectly with our modern planters. Browse our planter accessories and add lustrous pebbles and rocks to your planter groupings. Or select functional items such as Fill-ter bags and planter levels. Our planter accessories punch up your design efforts and help you keep plants healthy! Add a touch of elegance with planter accessories from PureModern! More...


With modern planters, as with many things in life, the difference is in the details. We offer a diverse range of modern planters for you to choose from for home or office. Buying a planter is only the beginning if you are planning to have live plants that will grow and thrive. Our planter accessories are intended to make growing live plants in planters less time consuming and more successful.

If you are a designer, you’ll love PureModern’s contemporary planter selection. We offer a stunning commercial planter line that can help you create the stylish look you envision. Don’t forget to ask us about our custom planter options: dozens of shapes, colors and materials can be combined in myriad ways to suit your design plan.

PureModern Bonus Tip: Keeping Your Plants Properly Watered

No matter which of our modern planters you choose for your home or office, one of the biggest challenges you face, is remembering to keep your plants watered. The other side of the coin is overwatering, which like underwatering, can lead to plants with rotting roots that are likely to die in a relatively short period of time. This is something that no one wants as plants not only add beauty to any environment but can also be quite expensive.

Self-Waterers Let Your Plants Receive What They Need

Our selection of planter accessories also includes several different styles of self-waterers. These devices allow you to connect a tube to a vessel and then the roots’ natural capillary action will take up the water, allowing the plant to receive exactly as much as it needs. These waterers are also excellent delivery systems for delivering nutrients. Depending on the system you choose, you can reduce the number of times you need to water your plants to no more than once every few weeks. We also offer a connectable drip irrigation system that can be used to water several plants from a single water source.

Functional Planter Accessories

If you aren't looking for a way to properly add the right amount of water to your plants in our modern planters, we also offer several more functional planter accessories. These include planter levels that can be used to level our entire selection of planters. It is very important that your planters be perfectly leveled to ensure the water flows evenly to all plants.

Add Polished Pebbles for a Whimsical, Coordinated Look

These are one of our top selling planter accessories. Our pebbles are all brightly polished and can be used to add texture and beauty to your modern planters. Arrange them on top of the soil in your planters to bring a coordinated and eye-catching look to all of your plant groupings.

EZ Fil-lter Bags Round Out Our Exceptional Accessories Selection

We also offer our EZ Fill-ter bags that allow you to decrease the total amount of soil that is needed in your planters. It’s easy to create the perfect environment for your plants: add rocks on the bottom of your planters, then our filter bags. Add our self-waterers, soil, and then your plants. With this combination of PureModern planters and planter accessories, your plants will be bursting with good health!

Browse our entire selection of planter accessories and give your live plants a long and healthy life.