EZ Fill ter Bag for Planters
EZ Fill ter Bag for Planters
EZ Fill-ter Bags For Planters & Pots

EZ Fill-ter Bags For Planters & Pots

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The filter bag made of landscape fabric, and 100% recyclable packing foam will enable a quick and cost effective method of planting out PureModern planters. There is no need for many bags or truck loads of rocks and soil for filtering and filling the large voids, especially when using large planters.

The filter bag will not only filter excess water to prevent damage to the plants from over watering, but also will create a cleaner, clearer drain to decrease the chances of staining a deck or patio.

Water drainage is cleaner and clearer
Allows excess water to drain
Fills large voids in planters

Landscape filterfabric
Non-biodegradable 100% recyclable packing peanuts
Velcro opening

Small 42L x 36W inches
Large 72L x 36W inches

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