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10 Most Common Poisonous Plants for Dogs

Posted on October 15, 2018

Husky Dog looking at a plant

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What is a Commercial Designer?

Posted on October 08, 2018

Open office space designed by a commercial designer

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7 Best Container Plants For Full Sun Exposure

Posted on September 10, 2018

Picture of a sunflower in an open field


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Influential Designer: Harry Bertoia

Posted on May 23, 2018

Seemingly born with a natural instinct for design, Harry Bertoia was an expert jeweler, printmaker, furniture designer, sculptor, and philosopher. As Knoll historian Brian Lutz noted, “Bertoia’s paintings were better than his sculptures. And his sculptures were better than his furniture. And his furniture was absolutely brilliant.” Bertoia’s incredible work ethic, brilliant mind, and generous spirit have proved to immortalize him as one of the great modernist designers of all time.

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Interior Designer Profile: Frances Adler Elkins

Posted on May 02, 2018

Born in 1888, and with an interior design career spanning three decades, Frances Adler Elkins has been called “the first great California decorator.”

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Including Greenery in Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Posted on May 01, 2018

Four Reasons to Include Greenery

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Stunning Spring Cafe Patio Designs Featuring Metal Planters

Posted on April 27, 2018

Spring is a season of rejuvenation, and now is the perfect time to get that restaurant or cafe patio cleaned up before the spring rush of lunch-goers hits. It’s also a great time to look at some new “bling” for the patio. Adding a few special touches might just bring in some new diners and up your rating on TripAdvisor.

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