Round Planters

Round Planters That Are Perfect For Any Space

At PureModern, we take pride in our contemporary round planters. From our traditional designs to our abstract, art inspired round planters, we have an inventory that includes a wide variety of shapes and sizes to inspire you. Immerse yourself within your design and choose the round planters that will serve as an anchor for your interior/exterior space. Regardless of your design goal, we have the products to ensure your success. Make your patrons or guests feel right at home with our complementary round planters. Browse through our selection that ranges from bowl planters to full metallic spherical planters. Click on the product that interests you to see more color options (customizable colors and options available upon request) and expand the product to find more details regarding the style, dimensions, and material. Your space demands one of our round planters, and we’re here to help! More...

Here at PureModern, we are proud to offer our customers a superb selection of contemporary round planters designed to complement any space. We offer a full range of traditional, abstract, and art inspired designs that are available in virtually every size, shape, and color. Our designs are intended to not only be pleasing to the eye but also to inspire you at the same time.

Create an Anchor for Your Indoor Space

Live plants can be an incredible addition to any residential or commercial space, whether you are trying to create a lush outdoor space to relax in or are simply adding a little cheerful greenery to your home. The hardest part of adding plants to your space is finding the perfect container for them. To help make your choice easier, PureModern has created the ultimate collection of round planters. Our selection of modern planters is perfect for both commercial and residential use.

The simple fact is that adding a number of living plants can improve the beauty of any room. Whether you choose low-maintenance cacti, add a number of small shrubs, or plant glorious succulents, any size and type of plant can make a difference. But, if you want to make a difference in the appearance of your home or business, the type of planter you choose will make a huge impact.

Incredible Range of Shapes and Sizes

No matter what your final design goal happens to be, we have modern planters that are sure to enhance your finished area. When filled with living plants, our contemporary round planters will go a long way towards making your guests or clients feel welcome and comfortable. We offer an amazing selection of round planters ranging from traditional bowls to cylinders in every size, shape, and color. If you are looking for planters that are a little more unique, why not take a look at our collection of spherical planters?

Custom Round Planters to Match Your Design Vision

We can custom manufacture any round planter you are interested in and color-coordinate them to match your décor. Browse our collection and find the perfect modern planter to meet your needs. Let us help make your space more beautiful than ever!