Modern Planters

Modern Planters, Plant Containers, and Pots For Commercial & Residential Use

Our vast collection of planters are all suitable for indoor or outdoor use. We offer fiberglass containers that can be customized with any color, aluminum planters and amazing stainless steel metal planters for Residential, Commercial and Hospitality applications. Our newest collection is a brilliant mix of fused metal over fiberglass, giving the planters the real patina over time that metal provides with the durability of fiberglass. Browse our collection of contemporary planters, pots, raised planters, and plant pots and feel free to contact us about the customization options on various pots & planters. More...

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Modern Planters Accentuate Branding & Ambiance

When you design with the image of your commercial space in mind, you want to accomplish two things: you want to provide an elegant and consistent brand statement and you also want to establish a comfortable, yet stylish atmosphere for your customers and guests. With PureModern commercial planters and containers, you can achieve both of these goals. Our contemporary planters offer you not only myriad shape and material choices, such as engaging geometric shapes and easy care, long-lasting fiberglass, they also can be customized with dozens of colors and finishes. The resulting planters are more than aesthetically pleasing; they can help you create a distinctive look for your outdoor restaurant seating area, rooftop gardens, hotel foyers, hospital interiors and more.
We invite you to view the stunning PureModern planter groupings at the following locations:
• Glass and Vine Coconut Grove, Fl
• Laurel Park Laurel MD
• SUNY Cortland Campus
• Club 7 @ Silver Towers Residence New York, New York

Durable Planters Made to Last

Because our modern planters are made from durable materials that are not only built to stand the test of time but are not likely to break if knocked over, they are ideal for use in homes, businesses, restaurants, and hospitals. Our entire collection of contemporary planters and pots is available in a wide range of colors to meet your needs and will enhance any area you choose to place them. Our planters put a modern touch on an age-old tradition of keeping plants in your home or business to enhance and beautify as well as help refresh the air.

Modern Planters: Essential Urban & Suburban Design Elements

Bring a condo’s courtyard to life with a mix of round and trough planters. Highlight a sitting area at an urban cafe with tapered planters. Or create a poolside oasis at a hotel swimming pool with an array of geometric planters. All of these design visions can be achieved with PureModern contemporary planters, which offer clean, simple, smooth lines with a modern profile. We can customize them with a selection of thousands of colors, and they can be sized in any dimension to fit your project exactly.

Browse PureModern’s entire collection of contemporary planters. Indoors and outdoors - you can both extend your brand and enhance your space - beautifully.

Influential Designer: Harry Bertoia
May 23, 2018
Seemingly born with a natural instinct for design, Harry Bertoia was an expert jeweler, printmaker, furniture designer, sculptor, and philosopher. As Knoll historian Brian Lutz noted, “Bertoia’s paintings were better than his sculptures. And his sculptures were better than his furniture. And his furniture was absolutely brilliant.” Bertoia’s incredible work ethic, brilliant mind, and generous spirit have proved to immortalize him as one of the great modernist designers of all time.