Latona Planter, Fiberglass, Rust

Latona Planter

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This modern tapered fiberglass planter is a great addition to your home, office, or workplace. Our round planters are available in three sizes designed to fit perfectly in any location. Our line of tapered planters come standard in a rust finish. Each tapered planter is made of fiberglass giving them a unique appearance that has the look, but not the weight of actual rusted metal.

Our entire line of this style of tapered planter comes in a rust finish, but our round planters are also offered in a customized selection of 80 different RAL/British Standard colors. However, we will need a 12-week lead time for our UK factory.

Product Dimensions

Small 19.7"?D x 14.2"?H

Medium 24"?D x 18.1"?H

Large 29.6"?D x 22.1"?H


Comes standard in Rust Finish - Also available for custom order in 80 different RAL/British Standard colors. (12 week lead time from UK factory) This planter comes without drainage holes as standard, but we are happy to pre-drill them upon request. Ship time: 7-10 days

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