Modern Grow Lights: Best Light to Use for Indoor Plants

By Amy Gustafson Aug 05, 2021
Amy Gustafson - Co-owner of PureModern

Amy Gustafson is the Vice President at PureModern. She spreads the word about PureModern and educates customers on planters, fire features, and much more. About the author.

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Nice Article

  • Danny

I’ve been searching for info on how to filter out the terms that don’t mean much when choosing the correct lights for my indoor plants.This is the very first article that even came close to explaining grow lights. Everyone advertises their lights as one term or another and to discover that some have been using terms that mean nothing really burns my biscuits! Lol
All of my plants seem to need “indirect light”.
How many Kelvin would “indirect light” be and, of course, how long would the lighting be necessary to make my plants happy?

Thank you

  • Anne

What is your opinion on 9000k LED grow lights?

  • Rory

Hi there, thank you for this helpful article. I am a migraineur (both photosensitive and with visual disability post brain injury). I suffer from ocular migraines among a variety of others. I am also an avid gardener and enjoy a variety of alocasia, succulents and philodendrons in my home. At this time, my plant wall does not receive adequate sunlight and it does run a bit cold in my home as I live in Chicago. Previously some plants succumbed to gnat flies and a light white spongy fungus had destroyed some previous plants of over one year. Heartbroken, I invested in a marshydro led light per a fellow gardener’s advice. However, I nearly burned my retina’s.. and will be returning the light.

I prefer low wattage bulbs at a glow temperature or very soft sunlight. Even so these lights are at times too bright.

Would you have a recommendation for a more directional grow light, at a warmer temperature suitable for my varieties of plants that will not trigger my ocular migraines. I stay away from all bluelight, and am nearly never in broad daylight. I do suffer in the cooler K temperatures, but also wish for my plants to survive. Namely elephant eat, monstera, philodendron, and a few alocasia varieties. They are all rather young at this time. My plants sit on plant stands along a wall about 5’ by 6’.

Any advice is recommended.
Thank you,
Ronak Patel

  • Ronak Patel

Where do I purchase grow lights?
Indoor decorative plant.
Can light work for plants if it is on floor,
pointed up at plant?

  • Patti Moses

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