Sultan Modern Contemporary Round Fire Pit Seating
Sultan Modern Contemporary Round Fire Pit Seating
Sultan Modern Contemporary Concrete Fire Pit
Sultan Modern Contemporary Fire Pit roof top
Sultan Pation Modern Contemporary Fire Pit
Sultan Fire Pit
Sultan Fire Bowl Dimensions Drawing
Sultan Fire Pit

Sultan Fire Pit

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Guests will enjoy the intimate gathering space around the compact Sultan Fire Pit. Create an ambiance of fire while maximizing your outdoor space. The Sultan Fire Pit also provides 8" of functional table space for guests to set down drinks or other small items. This modern fire pit is an added bonus for any outdoor space, as a center piece to entertainment areas or relaxing retreats.

Sultan Fire Pit is made from cast concrete to create a smooth finish and includes either decorative lava rock for a natural yet modern look or add decorative, colored fire beads. Eight integral concrete color choices are available, which means your color choice is mixed in and throughout the material and not painted on.

All fire pits come with manual ignition, but for an additional charge – and benefit – there is an optional push button or electronic ignition. Electronic ignition is especially useful in a commercial setting where the business or hospitality personnel can control when the fire is ignited. A protective cover made of Dupont Tyvek is available to ensure a clean, hazard-free burner every time it’s ready to be lit, by preventing organic matter such as leaves and sticks from entering the burner. Choose either a natural gas, propane or ethanol fuel burner.

This modern outdoor fire pit is for commercial and residential use.

Dimensions 36"W x 15”H and a 8" deep rim 
Weight 242 lbs (two pieces)
Manual lit CSA approved gas fit burner

Available Options
Natural Gas Assembly: Included standard, and must be installed by a professional gas fitter. 60,000 BTU.
Propane Gas Assembly: Must be installed by a professional gas fitter. 60,000 BTU.
Decorative Fire Beads (4 boxes required)  
Side or bottom gas line access holes
Electric lit CSA approved gas fit burner
Ethanol liquid fuel option available contact us at (800) 563-0593 for details
Concrete fire pits ship within: 3 to 4 weeks

Ship Time: 2-3 weeks

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