Ollie Plant Sipper-6" Round Insert
Ollie Plant Sipper-6" Round Insert
Ollie Plant Sipper-6" Round Insert
Ollie Plant Sipper-6" Round Insert

Ollie Plant Sipper-6" Round Insert

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This planter water irrigation system is easy to install, portable, highly versatile, reduces watering frequency and maintenance costs. The Ollie Plant sipper is an excellent solution for watering plant displays in any interior or exterior plantscaping project.

The Plantsava Irrigation System capitalizes on the natural means by which a plant attains water, by capillary action. Ollie Plant Sippers, which are available in a variety of shapes and sizes that can be incorporated into containerized plants to provide not just water, but also nutrients which promotes plant growth and reduces the amount of liquid fertilizer needed.

Dripper irrigation systems require electricity and water supplies, which is not always possible in more remote locations such as roof top patios, decks on high rise buildings, window boxes, hanging baskets, or raised planters. Using an Ollie Plant Sipper will eliminate visible tubing, which will adhere to the overall appeal and design goal of the landscape project. Additionally, the amount of water each plant needs can be managed to eliminate over and under-watering.

The plant sippers can reduce water frequency by up to six weeks, which decreases maintenance frequency and at the same time water consumption.

The water irrigation system will work for large planters with shrubs or small planters with succulents, for indoor or outdoor foliage, and in commercial or residential settings, such as restaurants, spas, hotels, or apartment buildings.

Wide range of applications
Reduces maintenance costs
100% water efficient.
Made from recycled and recyclable material
Ideal for shallow planting environments.

Water capacity - 1 liter

6 diameter x 2.5H inches

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