Fire Bowl/Pit/Table Protective Cover

Fire Bowl/Pit/Table Protective Cover

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Water-resistant and breathable, made of high performance Marine Grade Sunbrella Fabric.  Rich color is an integral part of the fabric components and can't be washed away or bleached out. Fabric is woven for breathability, so it doesn't trap heat and moisture, eliminating mildew on the fire pit surface for a cleaner look. Fabric also provides protection from the sun so you can enjoy the natural concrete colors of the fire pit longer. As a result the fire pits stay fresh and beautiful through the winter season reducing the maintenance required at the start of each season.  Available in Black color only. 

 Color: Black

Ship Time: 2-3 weeks

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DreamCast is a team of local artisans that create fine concrete products for indoor and outdoor. Every piece is hand made and individually finished to the highest quality standards.  DreamCast brings the unique elements of your living space to life. Each piece made is as exceptional as the discerning clients that purchase them. Renew your space with artistic style - choose a "ready design" or create a custom project.

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