Restaurant Patio Design: Amping Up the Ambience with Fiberglass Planters

Posted on March 28, 2018

If you’re looking for ideas to amplify the ambiance of a restaurant patio, consider the ability of contemporary planters to add style and set a relaxing, elegant mood for patrons to enjoy their meal.  Handcrafted plant containers allow restaurants to add artistry and greenery to their patios, all the while creating natural barriers, walkways, and even canopy shade with large plants or trees.

Contemporary planters contribute to design and mood

Use fiberglass planters filled with attractive and functional plants to recreate the restaurant’s interior design outside, with an al fresco feel. Combine elements of landscaping, lighting effects, furniture, shading, and water and fire features to create a patio that guests describe as magical, charming, or oasis-like. Place small, outdoor lights throughout the patio’s plants. These add ambiance and create a romantic secret garden. Similarly, add lights to contemporary planters and their plants and shrubs at the holidays to contribute to a patio’s seasonal decorating.

To maintain visual continuity between inside and outside, consider the overall restaurant design when selecting fiberglass planters for the patio. If the design aesthetic is elegant and upscale, select sleek, contemporary planters such as the Modern Elite Tapered Planter. If the restaurant is more casual and hipster, consider planters that reflect this aesthetic on the patio, such as the large, tapered Latona Planter in a rust finish.

Using plant containers to define space

Contemporary planters take on additional usefulness on a restaurant patio when they’re utilized to help define space. Arrange large handcrafted planters to delineate eating areas and walkways, create privacy around tables, and separate the patio from the general public. Fiberglass planters filled with lush greenery allow guests to feel simultaneously close to nature and yet separated from a busy sidewalk or parking lot.

Using fiberglass planters as centerpieces

In addition to their many uses on the patio floor, fiberglass planters can also play a stylish role on patio tables as centerpieces. The Artmeis Bowl planter is a short, fiberglass bowl available in dozens of colors, matte or glossy finishes,  plus copper, bronze, and Matte Black (zinc). Custom metals include stainless steel, cast iron and brass. It would look beautiful holding various planted flowers or succulents on a patio table.

Ensuring guest comfort with plants and shade

In cooler temperatures, it will be necessary to provide heat lamps, space heaters, or fireplaces to keep guests warm while eating outside, but in hot summer months, plants are a natural and beautiful way to create shade on the patio, lowering the ambient temperature. Fiberglass planters featuring shade-creating plants deliver design opportunities that contribute to the patio’s aesthetic. Just be sure to choose plants and flowers that don’t attract pests and insects, and that don’t have strong scents that will overpower the food being served.

Incorporate stylish fiberglass planters onto your restaurant patio to create a lush, inviting atmosphere for guests to sit and appreciate the outdoors, the food, and each others’ company. To learn more about Pure Modern’s custom planters and request a quote, visit our custom planters page.

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