Modern Square Fire Tables Help Maximize Outdoor Space

Dec 02, 2016

Maximizing space is one of the biggest obstacles designers, architects and builders face. You want your outdoor space to be inviting and warm, however, it should include enough space for people to enjoy themselves. Lucky for you, we have a product that will excel at both of those goals. If you are in search of modern elements that will provide your space with a sleek decor, we have a suggestion for you.


At PureModern, we specialize in planters, furniture, decor, fire tables, kitchen/dining products and more. Our decor elements bring a space to life through various pieces, such as our Modern Square Fire Tables. If you are in search of a product that will refresh your space and provide a unique atmosphere, see below.

Modern Square Fire Table

Our fire tables, such as this one, are perfect additions to your outdoor space. When you are designing a patio, courtyard, or outdoor sitting area, it is important to incorporate decor that will set the overall mood. Not only are our fire tables visually stunning, but they also offer space maximization in the following ways:

  • Fire tables are compact
  • Ambiance of fire with an added 7” of table space
  • Entertainment and warmth for those near
  • Available as gas or propane fire tables

Our modern square fire tables are more than decorative pieces. They serve as  centerpieces for entertaining or a source of warmth in an outdoor space. If you are designing a commercial space, customize the fire tables to meet your needs. Our customizable options include addition of colorful rocks to the fire table, various concrete color options and the choice of gas or propane. Imagine a large patio with a well-lit fire table and plenty of space for social activities. . .

Modern Square Fire Table

Maximize your outdoor space with one of our contemporary fire tables. We offer a wide selection of colors and options to fit your design needs. (Color samples are available on our website.) Make the most of your space with a contemporary fire table from PureModern!

Contact a PureModern professional for more information about our unique fire table products.

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