Cubes, Rectangles & 21st Century Form: Custom Planters Sharpen Mall Style

Posted on January 13, 2017

21st century aesthetic - that's what today's mall operators are after and designers with vision can bring it to life with custom metal planters and commercial pots and containers that can completely change the way a mall looks and feels. These modern planters offer more than stylish containers for plants and ornamental trees: they immerse shoppers in natural surroundings. Indoor planters can punch up an interior mall’s design, offering a more inviting and natural tone that everyone can enjoy.

PureModern Planters: A Smart, Sophisticated Look

PureModern's commercial planters add a smart and sophisticated look to Southcentre Calgary Mall. These engaging planters help form inviting seat groupings and punctuate the mall design at every turn with their simplicity and elegance. Let's look at how this effect was achieved.

Energizing The Design Of An Interior Mall

Southcentre Mall is one example of a space that blossomed when paired with modern planters. No matter where an interior mall is situated or how large it is, adding indoor planters to its decor can energize the design. In fact, many interior malls have already begun to beautify their decor by adorning their corridors with cube, rectangular, and square planters. Depending on the theme, these can vary from stainless steel, to Southwest-inspired, to dozens of other modern looks. Adding these planters can have a positive effect on a retail environment, making it a far more enjoyable experience for customers. Clusters of contemporary planters create a warm and inviting atmosphere in which shoppers can take their time browsing through the different stores the mall has to offer.

indoor planters - commercial planters | PureModern

Bringing The Outside In: Positive Effects Of Indoor Planters

Since being close to nature can have positive effects on the brain, many interior malls have taken to boosting their environment with the help of greenery. While there are obvious benefits to placing indoor planters inside malls, there are also some less apparent and highly functional advantages:

  • Customers will spend more time in malls if they have an outdoor theme. This has been proven by testing the general retail performance of malls with indoor planters vs. malls without them.
  • Indoor planters can actually reduce noise pollution, thereby giving customers a more positive shopping experience.
  • Plants and trees contained within commercial planters can also help purify the air in a shopping center, improving the general well-being and happiness of workers and customers.
  • Incorporating planters can help workers be more enthusiastic in their work environment.

Tranquility Meets Style: Designing with Modern Commercial Planters

Commercial indoor planters can enrich a mall’s design and even glamorize the overall appearance. From fiberglass to tapered, to unusual geometric shapes, plus custom colors and materials - the palette that designers can draw from is immense. PureModern offers hundreds of custom commercial planters to inspire your next design.

We invite you to view PureModern's commercial planters in person:

Southcentre Calgary Mall
100 Anderson Rd SE, Calgary, AB T2J 3V1, Canada


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