Modern Compact Fire Tables Highlight Outdoor Sitting Areas

Posted on February 25, 2017

Nothing punctuates a home’s aesthetic quite like a welcoming, inviting backyard. With today’s design fundamentals revolving around modernity, a home’s outdoor living area should give off the immediate impression of being open, vibrant, and eye-catching. That said, there’s nothing that catches the eye quite like a fire table — and there’s nothing that speaks to the carnal nature of human beings than sitting by a fire with good company, entranced by the sporadic dance of the flames. Anyone who has seen this particular bit of furniture in person can attest to that. Traditional fire pits are great, and any physical medium that allows homeowners to sit by a warming fire with friends and loved ones is welcome in a backyard. However, fire tables are simply the next level when it comes to outdoor home living.

Fire Tables Are a Great Focal Point for an Outdoor Area

A modern fire table is an excellent choice for designers who wish to impress homeowners with an aesthetic focal point in their backyard which also serves a practical function. Serving as an attractive gathering area for guests, a fire table also plays the role of a beautiful focus item even when not in use. With so many options, designers have a plethora of choices when it comes to purchasing a fire table to outfit courtyards, patios or backyards. In addition to the obvious aesthetic advantages, they can point out to homeowners several side benefits that make owning a fire table even more appealing.

Fire Tables Keep the Insects at Bay

If there’s one thing that can ruin a beautiful summer night, it’s the incessant presence of mosquitoes in a backyard, raining on the parade of homeowners and their guests. As it turns out, mosquitoes and various other summer insects are not the biggest fans of a roaring fire and the smoke it produces. For homeowners looking to deter the presence of bugs during their summer nights, a fire table can work absolute wonders, particularly when paired with soft woods to burn as well as citronella candles.

Fire Tables are Fit for all Seasons

Owners of an outdoor fire table can enjoy their investment all year ‘round. On those hot summer nights, once the festivities are coming to a close, a fire table gives friends and loved ones an incentive to retreat back to the backyard, where everyone can roast marshmallows and reflect on the wonderful time they had. Alternatively, during wintertime, when homeowners are looking to take the edge off of winter’s cold bite, there’s nothing like a warming outdoor fire to melt the frost away. As for spring and fall, there’s no leisurely night spent at home that couldn’t use the flare of a fun, relaxing night spent by the fire.

For homeowners with a blank space in their backyard that needs aesthetic filling, there’s really nothing quite like a modern fire table. These items greatly improve the quality of life of everyone living in the home. An ordinary night spent lounging about on lawn chairs in the backyard is vastly augmented by the addition of a modern fire table.

Ordering Details

When ordering from one can select from 8 concrete color choices, plus either propane or natural gas fuel. Table covers and decorative fire beads are available separately. Fire tables ship in 3-4 weeks and PureModern offers free shipping on purchases over $100.00.

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