Interior Designers: Mix Bowl & Round Planters to Create Interest

Posted on February 27, 2017

All designers know that the proper assessment of a home involves large- and small-scale planning. A home’s aesthetic, aside from its fundamental construction, is based largely on the proper selection of primary furniture items as well as the proper placement of those items. However, the true touch of a good designer can be seen in the details, how they choose and place complementary items such as round planters. When the proper complementary additions are installed in an area, guests to the home as well as the homeowners themselves can enjoy that aesthetic “wow factor” that all designers are after. In this case, the items of focus are planters — specifically the mixing of bowl and round planters in order to give off the desired aesthetic appeal.

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Bowl and Round Planters — an Exercise in Contrast

While contrast is a tricky thing for designers to experiment with, when used properly, aesthetic contrasting in a living space can produce a visual effect that goes far beyond uniform, safe design choices. There are considerable aesthetic factors at risk when mixing round and bowl planters in the same room; if done incorrectly, putting these two items together in one space can be slightly dizzying for those inhabiting the space. However, having a variety of similarly-shaped, yet obviously different planters working together can create an interesting aesthetic impression that will remain with guests even after they’ve left the home.

Outdoor Planters can Also be Mixed

Contrasting design choices are, of course, not limited to an indoor area — they can be equally put to great effect in a backyard as well. With typically less items limiting the color and style gamut of a backyard’s design, an outdoor area comes with more stylistic play when it comes to the addition of complementary items. Of course, there is no need to limit outdoor planters to round and bowl designs — as always, a uniform look is always a safe bet. However, for designers looking to up the risk-and-reward factor of their design choices, mixing round and bowl planters can be a uniquely eye-catching addition to a backyard.

Ultimately, as all seasoned designers know, exercises in contrast should be carried out with great care. There’s nothing that can spoil the impression of a well-designed room like mixing the wrong items together. In these cases, as in all cases of design, the designer should take the proper time and effort to thoroughly test their options out, matching them together and experimenting with placement and spacing in order to reach the desired effect. That said, when done correctly, round-shaped planters can definitely be combined with bowl-shaped planters in the same room to produce an effect that goes far beyond what one planter alone can achieve. If the proper care is taken, the mixing of these two separate items can add wonders to the visuals of a room, and can certainly go a long way in making the customer fully satisfied.

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