How to Use Ravenna Planters for a Southwest Look

Posted on March 14, 2017

Anyone in the market for round planters, who has ever visited the American Southwest, will instantly be familiar with the distinct aesthetic appeal of that area. There’s no place quite like the southwest, and that applies to aspects well beyond the realm of design, although design is what we’ll be focusing on here. The southwestern style is normally characterized by rustic textures, clay tile and Terracotta roofs, and of course, hand-crafted objects. While a particular home might not necessarily carry all of those aesthetic attributes, there are several areas that can largely benefit from Southwestern design objects. Which is the easiest to implement here? Hand-crafted complementary items, of course, which is where round planters of the Ravenna style come in.

Round bowl planters | PureModern

Ravenna Planters Provide a Fantastic Southwestern Accent to an Area

Offered by Pure Modern and coming in three different configurations and colors other than the standard Terracotta, Ravenna Planters can be a fantastic Southwestern addition to the right home area. Round planters in general are typically versatile items which leave a lot of room for play when it comes to design, and Ravenna planters, while giving off their own specific impression, are no exception. A home doesn’t necessarily have to follow the other requirements of the Southwest design style in order to be fit for a few Southwest additions. Due to their versatility, these large planters can be used to great effect either outdoors or indoors, and can be configured in the following ways:

  • The addition of drain holes, or lack thereof
  • Terracotta, Faux Lead, Bronze, standard colors
  • Custom order colors in 80 different RAL/British Standard configurations

A Welcome Addition to an Indoor or Outdoor Area

Whether it’s being used outdoors or indoors, Ravenna planters can be a welcome addition to any area, provided its configurations are properly set. As always, it’s important for designers to respect the fundamental rules of design when installing these items in a given area. Specifically, it’s important to ensure that the color of the planter accents the colors of the rest of the area’s configuration rather than clash with it. While a Southwestern addition can be used to great effect if put in the right room or backyard, putting in the wrong round planter can serve to subtract from the area’s overall design appeal.

The American Southwest is an area of great interest for the average designer, which is why the visual influence of the Southwest has spread to so many different places. While not all homeowners are keen on implementing the elaborate fabrics, deep earth tones, and clay tiles of the American southwest, the use of large outdoor planters that simulate a Southwestern feel can be a welcome addition.

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