How to Use Modern Indoor Planters When Designing a Lobby

Posted on October 15, 2019

As someone who works in the commercial space, you probably know that greenery not only looks welcoming but is also scientifically proven to benefit our environment. Greenery removes VOCs, certain toxins from the air, and increases positive feelings.

You also probably know that when it comes to the interior of a building, lobbies are one of the most important places to make sure there is plenty of greenery. Lobbies serve several purposes in most offices. Lobbies are the first impression potential clients receive of the business and are often a place for co-workers to meet. This means that it is vital to use greenery for aesthetic purposes and environmental benefits. 

One of the most important steps of using greenery in a lobby space is choosing the right type of planters for the area and using those planters in a way that increases the benefits of foliage. This is why we have laid out everything you need to know about indoor planters when designing the lobby for your commercial project. We discuss everything - from where to place your planters to how to choose the right planter material for your project - we have got you covered. Read through our suggestions below to get started on selecting the right planter for your lobby project. 

Lobby planters

Image from the Feigus Lobby project. Shop our lobby planters. 

Where to place indoor planters

When creating a unique experience with lobby plants, it is important to think through where the indoor planters will be. Placing indoor planters is not as simple as placing miscellaneous greenery around the room without rhyme or reason. 

While deciding on the location of the planters, it is important to decide on the purpose of the planters. Do you want to add indoor planters for aesthetic purposes only? Or are you wanting to use the planters to section the room into smaller meeting areas? The purpose and location of planters will help you determine what type of planter to get, as is outlined in the next section. 

If you want the planters to serve several purposes, carefully selecting the right commercial planters for your lobby project can allow you to accomplish multiple things at once. For example, using planters as a space divider is a great way to achieve several goals. When using indoor planters as a space divider, you can create a tranquil atmosphere, reduce stress, and make a private area for guests to escape the noise of the lobby entrance. 

Some other location ideas based on the purpose of indoor planters are below:

  • Instead of using a high-maintenance water fountain as a center focal point, create a large grouping of commercial planters in the middle of the lobby.
  • Fill an empty corner with several modern planters to create a welcoming atmosphere.
  • Break up a large lobby, by using planters to divide the space.
  • Use indoor planters to create pathways that direct foot-traffic.

  •  Indoor Lobby Planter

    Image from the Southcentre Mall in Calgary, AB. Shop this planter.

    How to choose the right shape of indoor planter

    Once you decide on the purpose and location of the planters, it is time to think through the right shape of planters for your lobby project. PureModern offers a variety of planter shapes so that you can find the right indoor planter shape to match the purpose and location of planters for your project. Below we have listed the planter shape and then described when to use that planter shape. 

    Rectangle Planters: Rectangular planters such as the Modern Elite Rectangle Planter provides a sleek and space-saving design for greenery in your hotel lobby. This is a great commercial planter to use if you want to divide a large lobby into small meeting spaces. It is made out of heavy gauge marine grade aluminum and powder-coated inside and out to ensure durability and longevity. The low profile design is a great non-obstructive fit for your lobby regardless of the room’s shape.

    Square Planters: Square planters can be used as a unique way of dividing up space. Use square planters by lining up a series of large square modern planters to divide open spaces to give visitors to the lobby places to wait in privacy. Square planters are also a great choice to create a high-impact, center focal point in the lobby.

    Round Planters: Round planters that can be used to visually soften overly harsh lines so common to a high rise lobby. We also offer bowl-shaped modern planters that can serve to draw the eye away from a less appealing area and towards a central position. Filled with plants or other textural materials, they can work wonders to convert even the dullest lobby space into a more interesting area.

    Abstract Planters: Abstract planters are a great way to introduce alternative lines and materials. For example, PureModern offers twisted columns that reflect light in unique ways and create softness even as they reinforce the verticals. Use an abstract planter if you want to incorporate equal parts of art and utility.

    Custom Planters: PureModern’s commercial planters can be customized to fit your requirements. So if you can’t find the right shape of indoor planter for your lobby project, we can make it for you! Submit your custom planter request, and we will reply promptly with a quote. We invite you to explore the multitude of design options afforded to you with PureModern modern planters.

     Indoor Lobby Planter

    Image from the National Cancer Institute project with Furbish. Shop this planter.

    Planter materials for indoor spaces

    Once you have worked through the shape of your planter, it is now time to decide on the right material. PureModern offers a variety of materials including COR-TEN weathering steel and Polystone; however, it is important to note that not every material is right for indoor spaces. For example, COR-TEN needs to go through a patina process that is impossible to accomplish if placed indoors. Therefore, we do not recommend using COR-TEN in lobbies. However, there are a couple of excellent materials for indoor use that we have listed below.

    Aluminum: Our powder-coated aluminum planters are a great choice for indoor use. These planters are designed for high-traffic areas, so the material can handle a lot of foot traffic. They are also powder-coated with a low-VOC powder, which means they will not be putting off a ton of toxic gases into an indoor space. We are also able to create these planters without drainage holes, which means you won’t have to worry about using any unsightly saucers. However, we do recommend that you use rubber risers to keep the planter base off of the floor. 

    Fiberglass: PureModern fiberglass planters are also great for indoor use. Our fiberglass planters are painted with the same paint used on automobiles, which means it is very durable and perfect for high-traffic areas. They are available in a wide array of sizes and colors--including several metallic colors. Like the aluminum planters, these planters are also available without drainage holes - making them perfect for indoor use.

    Lobby Planters

    Image from the Southcentre Mall in Calgary, AB. Shop our modern planters.

    Water management

    We do not recommend drainage holes for indoor aluminum or fiberglass planters. However, many are worried that if the planters do not have drainage holes, then they risk giving the plant root rot by overwatering the greenery. 

    Overwatering and the problems that ensue can be an issue, which is why we offer two products to combat these issues. 

    Ollie Plant Sipper: The Ollie Plant Sipper is an irrigation system that you can order with your planters. This system, which is available in a variety of shapes and sizes, can deliver not just water but also nutrients to indoor greenery. Sippers can reduce watering frequency by up to six weeks, which reduces maintenance and water costs. The Ollie Plant Sipper does not have any visible tubing, so it will not impact the design or look of the project overall.

    EZ Fill-Ter Bag: This filter bag is made of landscape fabric, and 100% recyclable packing foam, and will filter excess water to prevent damage to the plants from overwatering.

    Overall, PureModern offers several indoor planter solutions for you as you design the lobby for your commercial project. If you can’t find what you are looking for, many of PureModern’s planters can be custom-ordered to fit the specific needs of your lobby. To get started, request a custom quote from PureModern.

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