How to Use Fiberglass Planters in a Commercial Project

Posted on September 24, 2019

Whether you’re designing a corporate office space, a restaurant, or outdoor space, commercial fiberglass planters can help complete the look. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, contemporary fiberglass containers draw people into the space and add to the created ambiance. 

Fiberglass planter 

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Types of commercial-grade fiberglass planters

PureModern offers two main types of fiberglass planters: fiberglass planters painted with UV Protective Automotive Paint and metal-infused fiberglass planters. Both types of planters are lightweight and well-suited for a commercial environment. 

Our fiberglass planter finish is incredibly durable, resistant to corrosion, and fading from UV-ray exposure. You can also customize the shape and color of these planters. Customizing the shape of fiberglass planters does require a longer lead time. So if you need a planter with a short lead time, we recommend shopping our vast array of in-stock shape options. However, customizing the color does not increase lead-time. 

Our metal-fused fiberglass planters are also incredibly strong and lightweight. Because the fiberglass is mixed with metal, our metal-fused fiberglass planters are resistant to scratching and fading due to UV-ray exposure. These planters can also be colored with long-lasting and weather-resistant paints or finished with bronze, copper, zinc, cast iron, or stainless steel.

Large fiberglass planters

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The benefits to fiberglass planters

PureModern offers a terrific selection of fiberglass planters to fit the needs of your commercial project. Our fiberglass planters were designed for indoor or outdoor high-traffic areas and with commercial use in mind. Fiberglass planters are durable and lightweight, and they’re great for both interior and exterior areas because they hold in moisture and are resistant to frost. And because they are lightweight, they are easily moved to suit the needs of your project.

Fiberglass planters can also be fitted with self-watering tanks, which take the fuss out of keeping plants alive. These self-watering tanks will also reduce maintenance and water costs in the long run. This is because there is less water waste and plants are less likely to die due to overwatering. 

Fiberglass planters are also available in a stunning array of colors and finishes. So no matter what color palette you’ve chosen for the walls and floors, you’ll find a fiberglass planter that’s a perfect fit. If you can’t find a stock color that will work for your palette, we also offer the ability to customize the planter color. 

We ensure the durability of our fiberglass planters through the construction of the planter and the type of paint used. We use UV Protective Automotive paint on our fiberglass planters to ensure that they are resistant to corrosion, frost, and UV-rays.  

Fiberglass planters can be made into any shape. Customization options are virtually endless with fiberglass planters. So if you need a shape that you can’t find in stock, you can create a custom shape (link: for your commercial space.  

 Large fiberglass planters

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Designing with commercial-grade fiberglass planters

There are many ways to design with PureModern commercial-grade fiberglass planters. We are always amazed to see the creative ways that our clients utilize our planters in their commercial project. However, if you are looking for a bit of design inspiration, we have a few ideas below to get your creative juices flowing. 

Create a water garden effect 

Creating a beautiful space for your customers to enjoy can take some effort. You have to consider the purpose of the space first and foremost. Are you designing a hip, chic coffee shop in midtown? Plotting out walking trails through the grounds of a museum? Or installing a “serenity corner” in a massage therapist’s office? Each of these spaces is unique and calls for different design elements to make it effective. But all of these spaces can benefit from water garden effects.

Fiberglass bowl planters are an ideal choice for water gardens because they’re lightweight and easy to arrange. The shape of the bowl provides plenty of room for layering plants: submerged plants first, emergent plants in the middle, and floaters on top. The wide mouth of the bowl gives you the space you need to create the look you want. 

Create form and structure with tree gardens

Form and structure are important elements in the design of any space, and especially when it comes to outdoor spaces. Without these two design elements, you’re more likely to create a feeling of chaos or random openness rather than a cohesive, well-planned area suited to your needs. But often the area you have to work with doesn’t lend itself well to its intended purpose. There may be awkward angles, too much area, or cramped, dark corners. That’s when you call in the big guns: fiberglass planters and container trees. These two elements can make a world of difference in how a space looks and feels.

Container tree gardens are a perfect solution to your design needs because trees add so much more than just beauty to a space. Trees provide a wealth of other benefits. Trees clean the air and provide an inviting sense of calmness to any environment. Trees can provide a focal point for your space, or frame a specific element that you want to draw attention to. And used in spaces with extremely high ceilings, container tree gardens can create a feeling of intimacy by “lowering” the ceiling, making the space more relaxing and inviting.

Use modern planters to play with shape and material

At PureModern, we have a wide range of modern planters that all bring a different kind of drama to your space. Consider a unique spiral-shaped planter made of durable fiberglass, and finished with a metallic sheen that will age with a lovely patina. This creates a work of art in your plaza that will draw the eye for many years. Other options include asymmetric planters that look like sculptures, as well as show-stopping glossy planters that give your space an upscale, elegant look.

Modern planters are often found in unique shapes and finishes to challenge what the viewer expects to see. When you have an entire outdoor space to work with, you can afford to go big and play with many unique shapes and sizes. You may wish to try PureModern’s Tapered Square Planters in multiple colors to define a bold layout for your plaza space. Mix and match colors and sizes to fit your theme. Add a unique twist (literally) by dropping in a few PureModern Twisted Planters to up your contemporary look.


If designing an office space, consider the industry to choose the right fiberglass planter

If the workplace culture is traditional and professional — like many companies in the financial, legal, insurance, or real estate industries — choose elegant, upscale fiberglass planters to embody and represent this perspective. There are many commercial planters from PureModern that would add value to a high-end, professional service culture. For example, square Clapton Planters, featuring a long octagonal inset on a classy charcoal grey background, offers a modern twist on traditional style.

For a workplace culture that is softer and more focused on public service, a different type of plant container could be utilized - one that reflects compassionate care, healing, and learning. Workplaces like hospitals, dentist and doctor’s offices, and educational settings can reflect their caring culture with planters featuring “warmer” shapes and colors.

For businesses in manufacturing, energy, shipping/logistics, or similar manual industries, the landscape design - including fiberglass planters - should reflect a hard-working, hands-on, utilitarian workplace culture. They need not be grey and dull. Bring a smile to employees’ and clients’ faces with stylish, commercial plant containers containing a variety of functional and aesthetically-pleasing plants and flowers.

If the workplace culture is technology-oriented (software, computer hardware, communications, or mobile apps), reflect the connectivity of the daily work environment using sleek, modern planters with interesting angles and shapes. Broadcast to visitors and employees that the company values a rich, contemporary, high-tech aesthetic by choosing modern fiberglass metal-finished planters such as the Wave planter.  

 Wave fiberglass planter

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Use fiberglass planters to showcase succulents and cacti 

Succulents and cacti are great for commercial environments as they are often easy to care for. When choosing a planter for this use, consider purchasing a planter that is wide, round and shallow in form. These can balance out a nice array of succulents and cacti - even working as a living centerpiece. 

Of course, you can also find fiberglass planters in rounded or rectangular forms. Each can be selected to pair with the species of cactus or succulent to serve as a perfect counterbalance. A rounded vessel works well with a tall and branching cactus or a spiky succulent with lots of sharp angles. The modern rectangular planters would work beautifully with low-lying succulents offering some bursts of pink or yellow bloom. Such combinations add a lot of dynamic energy, but also keep well in line with the theme.

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Overall, modern commercial-grade fiberglass planters can contribute significantly to the overall aesthetic in a business. Need something totally unique? Have custom fiberglass and metal planters tailor-made for your commercial project. Find out more and request a custom planter quote here.

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