How to Create an Upscale Look with Metal & Fiberglass Planters

Posted on June 30, 2017

Ask any brand manager or designer, and they’ll likely tell you that presenting an upscale look is a huge part of attracting their target audience. People want to know that they are buying quality services or products, and that means they’re looking at every detail of your space, searching for clues that you are offering the best. The right design in your space includes everything from the furniture to the commercial plant containers you use to bring natural beauty into your store or office. Let PureModern help you achieve that upscale look with custom planters in metal and fiberglass. 

custom commercial plant containers | PureModern

PureModern Custom Planters for Any Space 

If you have mostly used plastic or concrete planters in the past, we encourage you to review the benefits of using metal or fiberglass planters from PureModern in your indoor or outdoor space. They offer an array of advantages. First of all, both fiberglass and metal are comparable in weight but much lighter than concrete planters. That’s a great benefit because if you would like to move them around, it’s much easier to do so, than with concrete planters. 

Next, you’ll like how fiberglass can be more budget friendly than many other types of planters. So if you have to design a large space, you’ll often have the opportunity to purchase more fiberglass planters for what you might have spent on fewer concrete or other planters. 

If you’re looking for planters that perform well in heavy sunlight; specifically planters with paint that will stand up to bright sun, we recommend our metal planters. Metal planters are powder coated which is similar to how a car is painted. This coating makes the planter color very durable. 

Another point to consider is the quality of PureModern’s planter collections. Our fiberglass and metal planters are commercial grade, so they’re made to give you lots of options for designing indoor and outdoor spaces. In fact, our planters are featured in a wide array of commercial settings; from malls, to restaurants, to office spaces, rooftop gardens and many more indoor and outdoor environments. 

Get Your Custom Planter Quote 

At PureModern, choosing the right material is just the first step to creating custom planters that make your commercial location stand out. To get a custom planter quote, fill out our online form. From privacy dividers to entrance décor, we can provide the right custom planters for a new location, a remodel, a big event, or a grand opening. 

Quality, Longevity, and Style for Your Commercial Location 

Whether you choose metal or fiberglass planters, each can be created in a way that enhances your brand image and elevates the style of your location. With upscale styles, a wide range of colors, and our many years of design experience to draw on, we’ll help you find the right look for any event or space. We work with many designers and manufacturers to ensure a wide range of ready-to-ship products, but when that won’t do, we can create custom planters to help you stand out. Learn more and get started with a custom planter quote. We strive to return contact within 24 hours, so the process can get started very quickly. With rush custom orders, we can often have your commercial plant containers ready within two weeks or less. 

*Image is from Glass and Vine Restaurant in Florida.

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