How Fiberglass Planters Offer Innovative Interior Design Options

Posted on January 10, 2018

When designing an interior space with plants, fiberglass planters offer not only durability, but also almost unlimited flexibility with shapes, sizes and colors. This enables you to create a cohesive, innovative look in whatever interior design style appeals to your aesthetic vision. Especially in business or retail settings, commercial planters allow you to complement or anchor your corporate space with eye-catching, upscale plant installations.

Plants, paired with elegant commercial planters, provide function and form; they add color to complement the decor, and enhance a room’s design at a fraction of the cost of a new architectural element. Certain plants, for that matter, can gain a popularity all their own, and become the ‘go-to’ plant that designers depend on - such as with the current ‘fiddle-leaf fig’ craze. Pairing such statement plants with PurePots allows designers to capture the mood for an interior space.

Using Planters to Achieve a Specific Design Style

Plants are an important element to any interior space, and choosing the right containers can help you achieve any style - from contemporary, to industrial or traditional.  For instance, using plants in a home or commercial space with modern design is tricky because modern interior design is known for simplicity and clean lines, whereas plants can grow unpredictably.  But it’s possible to achieve a beautiful modern look with the right species of plants placed in carefully-selected, modern fiberglass planters, like PurePots Short Rectangular Cuboid.

Planters as a Frame

Plants placed in symmetrical planters on either side of a doorway can entice people to enter. When placed inside, they can also give a quick cue as to the location of exits. Tall plants look well in large planters to “frame” a wall painting or other focal point in the room, drawing attention and foot traffic to the area.  

Define Area Borders with Planters

Another way planters allow options and choices in interior design is to use them as a natural border.  In large, empty spaces, such as corporate or hotel lobbies, people can feel exposed and intimidated. To visually delineate two large areas of space, and create smaller, more appealing areas, use plants in commercial planters to create a divider - for example, in an office “bullpen” area to create smaller, collaborative work spaces, or perhaps in an “open floor plan” home, between the eating space and living space.

Fiberglass planter from PureModern

Create Focal Points & Living Sculptures

An indoor plant can also act as a focal point in a room - either due to its size, color or unique shape. Large indoor plants (those that are around eight to twelve feet tall) like ficus, palm trees and dracaenas are all effective to draw the eye, due to their size. An XX-Large Round Sake Pot from PurePots is an ideal container for a large specimen plant.

Similarly, plants with striking colors are effective at creating a destination for the eye: either bright floral colors, or plants with unique greens (like the variegated neon-green of a golden pothos plant) that stand out among solid-green foliage plants. Plants can also act as “living sculptures” to enhance interior designs. Choose plants that can be pruned into topiary shapes, or those with interesting, twisted trunks. These can be stunningly showcased in a PurePots Square Cuboid.

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