Fiberglass Containers as Artistic Product Display Pieces

Feb 14, 2018

Plant containers aren’t just for growing plants; they have great versatility for other uses. With some creativity, fiberglass planters can make unique and artistic pieces for showcasing commercial products and merchandise. Similarly, contemporary planters - with the addition of a piece of glass - make stylish end tables or distinctive product display shelves, capable of exhibiting wares, pieces of interior-themed art or mini garden sculptures, or complimentary items for customer's use.

Showcase Products in Stylish Modern Planters*

Modern planters can elegantly (and innovatively) display all sorts of products. Consider how a home goods store that sells kitchen items could use a sleek, tapered planter to neatly hold the handles of a colorful mix of utensils - spatulas, serving spoons, whisks. Or, a fabric store, adding artistry to their standard display methods by showcasing vertical bolts of cloth in large, bold fiberglass planters, such as an extra large Cube Planter from Pure Modern.  

Rather than bland, white tables or racks to display clothing, apparel stores can utilize a variety of colors and shapes of modern planters to exhibit their clothes: a shallow bowl planter to display pairs of socks, a larger rectangular container to hold folded polo shirts, an elegant leaf-patterned square planter holding packs of upscale baby onesies that can be easily perused. The possibilities are endless.

The X-Large Bowl in a bright, fun color from PurePots would be the perfect display piece for a toy store’s stuffed animal merchandise...or, contemporary planters, such as a large Clapton Trough, could house colorful inflatable balls within easy reach of a child’s curious hands.

*Please note, we recommend painting the inside of your planter for the purpose of holding items for display.

Using Plant Containers as Tables in Commercial Settings

Fiberglass planters can also be converted to stunning end tables or long display shelves with the addition of a piece of glass or other clear top. There are wonderful design opportunities to be had when choosing a stylish container to serve as a table in a commercial setting.  Convert a small Modern Round Planter into a table with a clear top and place it beside lounge chairs at a hotel pool for guests’ drinks and personal items; it adds an elegant aesthetic to an otherwise functional piece.

Small, square modern planters, topped with a quality piece of glass, create an artistic ambiance in an upscale, professional lobby such as in a large business or hotel. PurePots’ Square Cuboid is available in a variety of sizes and stylish colors; it’s perfect as a base to a clear top, sitting in a busy reception area or lobby.

Similarly, wide, shallow bowl planters are ideal for covering with glass and converting into a commercial coffee table that becomes the focal point - and talking point - of the room.  The Burke Bowl Planter in Charcoal Grey or the striking Athens Bowl Planter in Copper would make unique, exceptional coffee tables when covered with a top, memorable to all guests passing through the room. For a table base with a notably Asian design influence, the Naomi Bowl Planter in charcoal grey would bring ambiance to a restaurant patio area or upscale outdoor roof bar.


Pure Modern can also custom-build a commercial planter to meet your design specifications. Request a custom planter quote.

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