Dramatic Outdoor Plaza Designs Featuring Fiberglass Planters

Dec 05, 2017

Creating an incredible first impression is one of the best ways to make your business or venue stand out from the crowd. Using beautiful and inviting greenery has always been a go-to when designing an outdoor space, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up the bold and dramatic look you long for. With PureModern’s fiberglass planters you can create an unforgettable, stunning space featuring unique designs.

Give your space an upscale, unforgettable look with fiberglass planters from PureModern.


Fiberglass Planters - Durable and Beautiful

Outdoor plazas that are well-designed are key for drawing in traffic or impressing incoming guests. But one thing that designers must consider is weather-proofing the décor. Even in mild, temperate climes, the sun can cause fading – and in other areas, wind and precipitation can cause damage and aging. That is why we offer a wide range of durable fiberglass planters to suit any style. Fiberglass is uniquely suited to outdoor use. Not only does it stand up well to weather, it’s also light enough to be moved and placed as needed.

Our line of Tau Fiberglass Planters is a fantastic place to start when you want to create a dramatic outdoor space with tropical plants or a pop of color. Choose a minimalist black or white fiberglass planter to set off a stunning plant, or a bright blue or red planter for a fun and unique look.

Modern Planters Play with Shape and Material

At PureModern, we have a wide range of modern planters that all bring a different kind of drama to your space. Consider a unique spiral-shaped planter made of durable fiberglass, and finished with a metallic sheen that will age with a lovely patina. This creates a work of art in your plaza that will draw the eye for many years. Other options include asymmetric planters that look like sculptures, as well as show-stopping glossy planters that give your space an upscale, elegant look.

Modern planters are often found in unique shapes and finishes to challenge what the viewer expects to see. When you have an entire outdoor space to work with – and all that open sky making the plaza feel even larger – you can afford to go big and play with many unique shapes and sizes. You may wish to try PureModern’s Tapered Square Planters in multiple colors to define a bold layout for your plaza space. Mix and match colors and sizes to fit your theme. Add a unique twist (literally) by dropping in a few PureModern Twisted Planters to up your contemporary look.

Customize Your Plaza for the Perfect Effect

Don’t see exactly what you want for your dramatic plaza in our collection? We offer custom fiberglass planters that we can design specifically for your space. Let us know what you want, and we’ll get to work right away coming up with something that no one else has. We can often create a brand new modern planter design for your space in under 12 working days. Use our Custom Planter Quote Form to learn more.

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