Custom Commercial Planters: A Unique Design Element for Your Commercial Space

Oct 02, 2017

Commercial planters are a very popular way to add natural beauty and design to a business location. However, due to their popularity, they often end up looking a bit generic. Your brand is different; that’s why you’ve attracted your customers, and what you’ve built your reputation on. At PureModern, we understand that you need something that will add some flair and stand out from the crowd. We design custom commercial planters to suit your needs.

The Initial Commercial Planters Consultation

We start with a thorough consultation that gets your custom design off the ground. We can suggest materials, finishes, and colors that fit your budget and your brand image; and we’ll discuss your timeline. Then we get started on your custom commercial planters. We use commercial-grade materials like metal and fiberglass to create the right planters for your space. Rush orders can be completed in as little as two weeks!

Don’t Forget to Consider Plant Maintenance

Having custom commercial planters can make your space feel inviting and full of life. But if the plants inside are not faring well, the planter won’t make much difference. It’s important to consider irrigation and installation needs for the plants as well as the planter, and PureModern can assist you with this. We recommend a system called Ollie Plant Sippers, which allow the plants to draw water and nutrients as they would in a natural setting. Less maintenance means less money you’ll have to spend, as well.

We Help You Make Your Commercial Opening a Success

Restaurant openings, corporate conferences and banquets, and new location openings are our specialty. We can work with you to create custom commercial planters for your special events. We understand that timelines on these events can be tight, which is why our custom commercial planter design process is easy and to-the-point. For custom powder-coated aluminum planters, we can have finished products ready in as little as 12 working days, sometimes less. When your guests enter your event or opening, they’ll feel invigorated and refreshed by the natural beauty of live plants filling your space. With attractive custom planters that highlight your space to a T, the area will look like it was pulled straight from a catalogue.

Contact PureModern for a Custom Planter Quote

Commercial planters need a custom quote to take into consideration your material, color, and turn around needs. But don’t worry – we always strive for prompt quotes and friendly service. We’ll help you understand all the elements of designing custom commercial planters so you can take the quote and proposal to business owners or boards, or for you to review when you’re ready. Feel free to contact us for support at 1-800-563-0593. We’ll get back to you in 24 hours with a custom planter quote. If you need commercial planters faster than that, take a look at our catalogue. Our ready-to-ship products have been hand curated for the most contemporary and unique styles available.

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