Dramatic Architectural Planters: Square, Bowl & Geometric Shapes that Wow

Posted on May 21, 2017

Whether you are talking architecture, fashion, photography, or a painting, anyone in an artistic line of work will tell you that everything is all about the lines. Finding the right planter for your indoor or outdoor space depends on the right shape if you truly want to wow. At PureModern, we offer a variety of architectural planters with dramatic shapes that will make all your guests look twice.

Rectangular Architectural Planters Add Drama and Save Space

Rectangular planters are perfect for a space where you desire a more modern design. The sleek lines and blocky shape add gravity to the room, but these dramatic architectural planters are also great space savers. They can be tucked into corners, used to line hallways or walkways, or used to define a space by separating a nook from a main area. We offer a variety of colors, materials, and sizes for your commercial and residential needs.

architectural planters square round rectangular planters PureModern

Add Architectural Outdoor Planters with Unique Flair

Bowl-shaped architectural planters are perfect for outdoor spaces, where you have more room to experiment without taking up precious space. Modern round planters are just right for a design firm or any business that prides itself on thinking outside the box. Use a carefully pruned and shaped plant to contrast the bowl, or let a dramatic plant drape over the edges to create a sense of abundance. Bowl-shaped planters are ideal for open spaces where you may not want to define any particular space with the structure of rectangular planters.

Geometric Architectural Outdoor Planters Are Brave and Bold

Standing out from the crowd is even better when you can apply your unique vision to an expected detail. Your guests will be charmed by a unique geometric planter in an irregular shape, a funky finish, or a bold color. If you can’t find exactly what you need to fit your space, we can create custom commercial planters for corporate spaces. Try a space-saving planter that draws inspiration from a rectangular planter, or go for something truly avant-garde. In addition to fiberglass and aluminum planters, we also use a metal-infused fiberglass material that will develop a beautiful patina over time – so no planter will ever look just like yours.

Indoor and Outdoor Architectural Planters from PureModern

Many of these large commercial planters would be beautiful outdoors, but that does not mean they couldn’t work in a large indoor space. In fact, if you have a main meeting room with skylights and large windows, adding fresh greenery is the perfect way to make the room even more relaxing. Let us help you find the dramatic architectural planters you need for any space. We are the industry leaders for fast turnaround on custom commercial planter projects, and can offer everything you may need in materials, colors, finishes, shapes, and more.

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