Design Unique Urban Gardens with Globe, Cube & Tapered Planters

Jul 24, 2017

Adding plants to an urban garden is often best achieved with the use of planters. They allow you to control the soil content, keep plants safe from foot traffic, and even add soil where there is none in the midst of a city space. But outdated planters don’t make anyone happy, no matter how green and lovely the plant inside may be. Keep your space sleek and contemporary with these modern planters from PureModern.

globe planter modern planter | PureModern


Globe Planters

Globe planters create a lovely break from the usual square or rectangular planter, and it is easy to keep your urban garden looking sleek with the right color and material. At PureModern, we offer contemporary globe planters like the Sunrise Planter in matte black – perfect for adding to a modern space. You can also choose bronze, copper, cast iron, stainless steel, or brass, all in a matte or glossy finish. Whatever your style may be, these modern planters can be customized to match. Allow plants to gracefully trail over the edges of these globe planters, or choose plants with lots of angles for a fun contrast.

Cube Planters

Most of the time, square planters are either rectangular, or slightly tapered to allow for the best drainage. However, at PureModern, we offer cube planters that have been carefully designed for plant health and style. Add a few cube planters to the mix with your globe planters, and suddenly your urban garden is a masterful display of modern geometric art. Customize your planters in any color you prefer, or choose an existing metal to keep things simple.

Tapered Planters

Tapered planters may be traditional, but they don’t have to be plain. The right materials turn even this familiar style into a sleek and modern design that is perfect for your urban garden. Try the Modern Tapered Square Planter in a bright pop of color such as hot pink or lime green, set against a concrete garden. The unique color will bring these planters into this century, and make you smile every time you see them. Or choose a simple matte grey, and allow these planters to become part of the scenery. This also works to keep the space sleek and contemporary, and lets the natural beauty of your plants shine through.

PureModern’s Unique Urban Planters for Commercial Projects

If you need custom planters for a commercial site, you probably already know how hard it is to find something that is truly contemporary. At PureModern, we can create custom commercial planters such as globe planters that meet all your needs. Contact us to discuss your timeline, and we can get started. Rush orders can take as little as two weeks, so your urban garden can be ready for your guests and clients in no time. Modern planters in your brand’s colors, globe planters to add style to small nooks, and more can be created for your space.

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