Design a Poolside Oasis with Metal Planters

Posted on April 16, 2018

Whether for a commercial or private swimming pool, metal planters - filled with shade plants and flowers - provide the perfect opportunity to design a lush, green poolside oasis. When creating your poolside landscaping, select modern planters that complement your patio’s design aesthetic, and choose plants that add privacy, shade and color (or scent).

Poolside privacy

Most homeowners and commercial pool guests crave a sense of privacy around the pool, so prevent the neighbors from watching what’s happening poolside by strategically planting for privacy. Plants like bamboo and palm trees can create a natural fence, and serve as a visual barrier around the pool. PureModern offers two beautiful fiberglass planters that can be painted to look like metal. The large Classic Taper planter is one of many modern planters that would sleekly showcase palms, or select the PurePots Wide Rectangular Cuboid for growing rows of bamboo plants to create a privacy screen.

Container plants to create shade and scents

Perhaps you’d like to incorporate a mixture of tall plants and trees to surround the perimeter of the pool’s patio to provide extra shade opportunities on hot days, without having to invest in umbrellas and permanent awnings. Choose large metal planters like the Dusk Square Planter to accommodate the weight and height of of the shade plant or tree (like a Mexican Blue Palm) you’ve purchased for this purpose.

To truly complete the whole-body sensation of an oasis, add a sweet-smelling plant to the poolside patio. Let a plumeria transport you to the Hawaiian tropics, or add Star Jasmine or honeysuckle plants in handcrafted metal planters to surround the pool with natural,  outdoor smells, which are much more enjoyable than scented candles.

Choose plants and planters to complement the design style

Depending on your design style and the location of your pool, you may wish to create a tropical paradise surrounding the pool area. If the climate permits, choose tropical and exotic plants like hibiscus, papyrus and birds of paradise. Or, if your style is more southwestern, plant succulents like agave and sedum (stonecrop) in stunning modern planters, such as the Modern Elite Cube Planter.

Poolside plants to avoid

Carefully select the types of plants with which you will surround the pool area; avoid plants whose leaves, fruit or needles will cause a lot of debris to fall or blow into the pool, creating extra cleaning work, or clogging filters. Plants to avoid growing around a pool include azalea, bougainvillea, crepe myrtle, and  evergreen elm. Additionally, cacti or roses with thorns don’t make good poolside plants if there will be children in or around the patio!

Benefits of metal planters for outdoor use

While some metal planters from PureModern are made of aluminum and corten steel, the beauty of many of our “metal planters” is that they are actually made of fiberglass but are fused with metal finishes that gracefully age over time to develop a soft patina. These metal planters offer the durability and lightweightness of fiberglass while delivering superior-quality metal finishes (like Bronze, Copper, Steel and Zinc) that are all optimized for outdoor use. Metal planters are available in every shape and size - square, rectangular, round, tapered and bowl-shaped - to accomplish any poolside design goal.

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