Commercial Parking Lot: 10 Transformational Landscaping Ideas

By Amy Gustafson Aug 11, 2021
Amy Gustafson - Co-owner of PureModern

Amy Gustafson is the Vice President at PureModern. She spreads the word about PureModern and educates customers on planters, fire features, and much more. About the author.

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Testing the subgrade on the parking lot land during the planning phase is a critical design step. Whether across the entire lot or just in a particular area, soft subgrade materials will cause significant problems and costs. Replacing any weak spots with crushed stone or asphalt will allow your lot to withstand the necessary weight loads and last longer. Learn more

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My cousin wants the exterior of her office to look better. I like that you recommend hiring a professional landscaper to help. Maybe she can look online to check the portfolio of potential landscapers.

  • Erika Brady

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