Deploy Unusual Planter Shapes to Add Interest to Your Courtyard Garden Design

Posted on February 22, 2018

Adding unusual planter shapes to your courtyard design can help create the perfect space.

Courtyard gardens are wonderful spaces, full of nooks and crannies, benches perfect for relaxing, and shady spots that invite quiet conversation. You can have a lot of fun designing a courtyard garden, but there are several elements that need to be taken into account when doing so: lighting, area, purpose, traffic flow, and aesthetics. Some of those can’t be controlled; you’re at the mercy of the space itself. But when it comes to the aesthetics part, you have total control.

Think Outside the Box

Standard planters typically come in two basic shapes: round and square. And these shapes work quite well in most situations. But today’s spaces demand a little more interest. Modern planters in unusual or unique shapes can be grouped or stand alone to define your design. Contemporary planters now come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and nowadays it’s not difficult to find one that adds the perfect design element to your courtyard garden.

Add Punch to Your Plan

PureModern offers a wide selection of modern planters that can really add punch to your overall design. For example, take a look at PureModern’s Element 16 Planter. This aluminum planter, with its stunning geometric lines reminiscent of a craggy cliff, will dress up the most modern courtyard in no time. Available in a Corten Steel® finish which weathers to a beautiful patina, this modern planter can also deliver interest to an urban rooftop garden space in no time at all. Spaces that feature strong geometric angles are especially suited for these planters. Fill two or three of these contemporary planters with brightly colored flowers like clematis, and position them near near a water garden for extra excitement. Try this treatment in hip coffee shops, nightclub terraces, and hotel courtyards. Nearly any contemporary space will benefit.

Mirror the Terrain

For a more rugged Southwestern-style look, fill these planters with various types of cacti and other succulents. The pointed cactus needles combined with the angular surfaces of these planters will give a feeling of the desert Southwest. Think angular canyon walls in the Sonoran desert. This might be just the look you’re trying to achieve if you’re designing a courtyard garden for loft apartments or an outdoor pedestrian mall in New Mexico or Arizona.

Do the Twist

Aluminum planters aren’t the only ones having fun these days. Fiberglass planters are also getting into the groove of unique design. Spaces that could use a new twist will achieve that with the strategic placement of a few Twisted Planters from PureModern. Used in combination with each other or with other taller complementary planters, these modern planters will direct your visitors’ attention upward from dark corners. Set them under a small tree to fill the space and point attention upwards to the tree itself; or position them on either side of a doorway to pull visitors in. Scatter them throughout the space or alongside a footpath, and these modern planters create a sense of beauty and overall cohesion that’s critical to the feel of the project. Art museums and artists’ studio spaces are the perfect application for trying out unusually-shaped planters.

Most of our modern planters can be customized to fit your special design needs. If you have questions or would like a custom quote on any of PureModern’s unique, contemporary planters, click here to get a quote or some friendly advice.

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