Create a Light, Soaring Aesthetic With Tall Planters in a Contemporary Store

Posted on March 13, 2018

Creating a beautiful, contemporary store environment that draws customers in requires an extensive amount of planning and design work ahead of time. Many things have to be considered: the item being sold, the look and feel you want to create, the traffic flow throughout the store for both customers and employees, the function of the floorplan (is the cash register in the right spot?), etc. Putting all this together can add up from a cost perspective. Small business owners especially need to conserve every dollar possible when moving into a retail space.

Make Design Elements Work Twice as Hard

It’s beneficial, then, to make some of the fixtures and other aesthetics do double duty when possible. Setting up merchandise displays in a way that guides customers through the store in the most efficient manner possible is a good example of this philosophy. Not only do the displays show off the items being sold, their placement throughout the store helps move customers from item to item in a logical manner, stimulating interest and purchase desire along the way.

Tall Planters Can Help

Tall planters can also pull double duty in contemporary store design. The array of choices in modern planters today is staggering. The composition and construction of these planters have advanced greatly over the years, making them more durable and more practical. Constructed of fiberglass, metal (aluminum, copper, stainless steel) and other materials, modern planters give store owners the options they need to create the space they want. Many planters can be custom made to exact specifications, as well, so you can choose the finish that matches your interior design.

Create a Feeling

Consider a tall planter such as the Modern Elite Hex Planter by PureModern. The clean lines and sleek look of this metal planter make it a great choice to display plants or other products. Filled with something delicate such as bamboo, orchids, or tiger lilies, it instantly creates an exotic look and a feeling of relaxation. Position these just outside the door of the store to catch customers’ eyes as they walk by. These planters are fully customizable so choosing the right size and color for your store layout is a snap.

Help with Foot Traffic

Another great choice is the Eternity Planter, also from PureModern. Fill this one with Aloe vera or wheatgrass, line several up in the main aisle and you have not only instant beauty and interest, but also instant traffic control. The “spikiness” of the aloe or grass contrast nicely with the curvy lines of this modern planter, making an appealing display while holding customers at arm’s length. Align several down the middle aisle and lead customers further into the heart of the store. For a completely different look and feel, try filling these planters with dwarf trees to create an upward-focused garden-like atmosphere.

Today’s tall planters provide store owners with many double-duty options for store design and layout. Contact PureModern for a custom quote or for more information.

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