7 Best Container Plants For Full Sun Exposure

Posted on September 10, 2018

When it comes to building your very own colorful, inspiring garden oasis, one of the top things to keep in mind is whether you’re using plants that can not only withstand sweltering temperatures and full heat but fully enjoy and thrive in it. This factor is commonly overlooked and unfortunately causes many gardeners to fall victim to plants that simply can’t handle the heat. Luckily, there are many beautiful container plants that thrive in full sun, and we’ve rounded up the top seven for you to try. 

Build Your Own Tropical Oasis

You don’t need to live in the tropics to have your own tropical oasis. Create a tropical oasis in your very own garden, backyard, patio, and beyond with beautiful container plants that not only enjoy full sun but will make you feel like you’re living in a tropical resort.

Tropical Hibiscus

Tropical Hibiscus is one of those plants that has gained its popularity for a reason. These beauties are best known for their low maintenance, vibrant colors, and love of full sun exposure. Tropical Hibiscus plants come in a wide variety of colors, everything from vibrant shades of pink, red, yellow, and orange, to purple, lavender-blue, white, and more.

While Tropical Hibiscus flowers come in a wide array of attractive colors, you’ll most commonly see them in shades of pink, red, yellow, and orange – having them live up to their tropical reputation.

Tropical Hibiscus plants make for excellent container plants because they boast summertime tropic feels, and make for great decorative focal points.

These container plants for full sun can also really handle the heat. Tropical Hibiscus plants can handle temperatures upwards of 100 Degrees Fahrenheit.

Try planting your Tropical Hibiscus plant with:

PurePots Large Bowl




Sun-loving Mandevilla vine plants make excellent additions to anywhere around the house.  Whether it be indoors or out, if you’re looking for a stunning and dramatic focal point that’s not only beautiful to look at but enhances tropical vibes, the Mandevilla is for you.

Mandevilla plants are best known for packing a dramatic punch, adding an elegant, yet dramatic statement to your home. These plants look great in container gardens as well as landscapes. Mandevilla plants are also well-known for their trumpet-shaped blooms and vibrant shades of red, pink, and white.

Feel free to get creative. Mandevilla plants also pair well with other container plants for full sun.

Try Planting Your Mandevilla Plant With:

Axis Planter



Container Plants That Provide Energy-lifting Vibes

Imagine walking outside onto your deck, patio or garden to be greeted with an instant spirit-lifting energy. These plants are not only are super vibrant and colorful but are also striking to look at and enjoy full sun exposure.


Verbena plants are one of those plants that’s pegged as the gift that keeps on giving. These low maintenance beauties are known for providing nonstop blooms from early summer to fall, and for being one of the easiest sun-loving container plants to grow and enjoy.

Verbena plants are part of the large family of perennials and boast a wide array of vibrant colors such as purple, red, white, yellow, orange, or bi-colored blooms.

These plants also pack a sweet spot. Verbena flowers are known for having sweet nectar in their blooms, making them irresistible to friendly butterflies and hummingbirds.

These container plants for full sun look great in all types of containers; however, they may shine brighter in garden beds, window boxes, or hanging baskets.

Try Planting Your Mandevilla Plant With:

Claption Trough



Calibrachoa plants shout all around summertime. These lovely container plants for full sun are known for living up to their reputation as being quaint, charming, and elegant. These sun-loving flowers are primarily used as container plants, and for good reason.

Calibrachoa plants typically grow 8 to 10 meters tall and look fantastic in a wide array of planters and containers such as pots, baskets, and window boxes.

Try Planting Your Calibrachoa Plant With:

Modern Elite Wide Rectangular Planter


Summer Garden Party

Create a summer garden party right in your very own backyard, patio, deck, walkway, and more with these gorgeous blooms. These colorful container plants for full sun are quite the showstoppers. These plants make excellent focal points and decorative pieces anywhere outside your home. And, not only do these blooms thrive in the heat, but birds love them too!


Petunias are one of the types of sun-loving flowers that offer the most variety. These container plants for full sun come in a limitless amount of colors, shapes, and sizes, making them look great in a variety of places around your home. Since Petunias come in so many different varieties, there’s really no right or wrong place for them around your home. However, they look great in containers and baskets either in your garden, or as accent pieces on your deck, patio, walkways, and more.

In addition to Petunias coming in an abundant amount of colors, they are well-known for providing a delightful, sweet fragrance that attracts friendly visitors, such as Hummingbirds.

Try Planting Your Petunia Plants With:

Square Cuboid Planter


Birds, Bees, and Butterfly Blooms

If you’re looking to build a garden or backyard oasis that appeals to all guests, these container plants for full sun are for you. These flowers are not only known for their beautiful, vibrant colors, but for being deliciously sweet and irresistible to birds, bees, and butterflies.


When it comes to having a colorful plant that packs a lot of perks, Lantana is the one. Not only is Lantana a container plant that enjoys full sun exposure, but this butterfly loving bloom can also withstand many different climates. Lantana plants are strong, weather flexible plants. They have the adaptability to thrive in both drought and very humid conditions, but always enjoying hot, full-sun exposure.

Beyond being a very weather adaptive plant, Lantana plants are known for attracting herds of butterflies. Lantana plants continuously produce flowers full of nectar all throughout the summer, keeping butterflies coming back for more. While these sweet blooms attract many groups of butterflies, another perk of Lantana plants are that they’re deer and rabbit resistant.

These butterfly-attracting blooms come in a plentiful amount of colors, ranging from radiant red, orange, and pink to vivacious, lavender, white, and bi-color variations.
Try Planting Your Lantana Plant With:

Gravity Planter for Lantana Plants



Salvia is another friendly critter attracting bloom. Known for its nectar-rich flowers, both hummingbirds and butterflies crave the sweet fragrance and taste of sun-loving Salvia plants. While these blooms attract birds and butterflies, Salvia plants are deer resistant.

Beyond attracting some friendly critters, Salvia plants make beautiful additions to any garden, patio, deck, walkway, and more. These blooms come in a lovely variety of colors, from lush blues and reds to clean whites.

Another perk of Salvia plants are that they typically grow 12- 24 inches tall, making them easy to cut into beautiful bouquets and enjoy both inside and outside your home.

Try Planting Your Salvia Plant With:

Purepots Divider Cuboid


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