What is special about PureModern aluminum planters compared to places that can fabricate aluminum locally?

Nov 03, 2019

Without a doubt, PureModern offers a superior commercial aluminum planter. You can be sure of this because we are so confident in our fabrication shop, that we offer a warranty on the material and workmanship of the planter.

We also use proven planter fabrication methods and have the experience (and clientele) to back our claims up.

Unlike some fabricators, we can assure you of the highest quality of aluminum. We use a heavy-gauge, marine-grade, recycled 5052 Aluminum Alloy for our planters. This type of aluminum alloy is also used for shipbuilding - which is how you know that these planters are perfect for use in most commercial projects. 

Along those same lines, we are confident of our planters' structural stability and we can reinforce the planter as needed.  

Our aluminum planters also come with fully welded seams, so the planters are watertight. We also make sure that the planter seams are sanded down, which is unique to our process so that the welding seams are invisible. 

These planters are also powder-coated inside and out. Powder-coating is more durable than paint because it is specially formulated to withstand UV-rays and is resistant to frost. Our planters are also powder-coated in-house to ensure that the job is done right.

In terms of cost, we have found that local fabricators often underestimate the cost of creating a planter. However, we are in the planter business and offer fixed, known costs to our clients, so there are no surprises.

Finally, we offer fixed lead times. We can fabricate custom aluminum planters in under 3 weeks, which assures you that your planter will arrive when you need it and to your specifications.

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