I am concerned about the amount of weight a deck can hold. Are the Modern Elite Aluminum Planters heavy?

Nov 03, 2019

The weights change based on the size of the planter because of different reinforcing requirements. Please contact us to receive the exact weight of the product you would like to purchase. 

If weight is a concern, our recommendation is to focus on reducing the weight of fill material and plants inside the container. If you can reduce the planting depth to a minimum, you can then fill the void spaces with Styrofoam, packing peanuts, or our EZ Fill-ter bags.

We recommend contacting a structural engineer to verify that the deck can in fact hold the number of planters that you are ordering. However, in general, decks are designed to carry around 50 lbs./SF. For example, the 246” L x 60” W x 24” H has a load of 2.64 lbs. / S.F. So the majority of the weight comes from what used inside the planter. 

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