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Posted on May 09, 2019

There’s no denying that outdoor fire pits make a big statement. They enliven and excite outdoor spaces, impressing guests with a welcoming atmosphere made for entertaining. They are both decorative and purposeful -- adding warmth, light, and ambiance to any place they occupy. A well-designed fire pit can prolong your enjoyment of outdoor spaces during chilly months, offering a cozy refuge. 

Whether you’re looking for a fire feature for a commercial space or your own residence, we carry artisan-made, luxury fire bowls and fire tables built for quality and style. Our purchasing guide for gas fire bowls and tables provides all the details involved in selecting, fueling, and caring for your fire feature from PureModern.

Types of Fire Pit Fuel

Modern Fire Table


When choosing an outdoor fire pit, you’ll want to consider your fuel options. Due to ease, cleanliness, and efficiency, we choose to carry propane and natural gas fire pits. No dealing with charcoal, wood, or pellets which produce soot, floating embers, and take much longer to clean and refuel.

When it comes to choosing between propane and natural gas, the primary consideration is whether there is an available gas line. With a fully electric home, propane is by far the easier option. Below are some of the pros and cons of all options.


Propane fed fire pits are hooked up to outdoor propane tanks. Propane is more expensive, but also twice as efficient as natural gas. Some people opt for a propane tank so they can use them for their outdoor grills as well. We carry modern and attractive propane tank covers that protect and conceal your tank.

Natural Gas:

Generally, fire pits that run on natural gas are stationary or built-in and connect to a natural gas line located in your home or building. Natural gas is significantly less expensive than other fuel options, but having everything installed and connected by a professional may cost you more upfront. Natural gas is thought to be more convenient since it doesn’t need to be “refilled” once hooked up.

Both propane and natural must be installed by a professional gas fitter. Gas line access holes can be put on either the side or bottom of your fire bowl or table. We provide an assembly manual and instructions for each fire pit model. If using propane, we include a 10 ft propane hose with your fire pit.

Choosing Fire Pit Shape: Bowl or Table?


Sultan Fire Pit


Ideally, you want a fire pit that looks attractive even while it’s not in use. Our fire bowls are a sight to behold and make beautiful centerpieces whether they’re lit or not. Our sleek fire bowls are crafted by artists and complement modern, contemporary, and zen design aesthetics.

 Benefits of bowl fire pits:

  • Minimalist style and stand-alone art pieces
  • Can be made with a rim for extra functionality
  • A good size for smaller, intimate areas
  • The 360-degree design allows for more people to enjoy being around the fire compared to outdoor fireplaces
  • Elegant curved design

  • See our fire bowl selection here.


    Benefits of gas fire tables:

  • Provides additional space for drinks
  • Larger surface area for larger entertainment spaces
  • Make luxurious statement pieces
  • Some models have enough space to put your feet up safely
  • Modern aesthetic

  • See our fire table selection here.


    Custom shapes:

    Another benefit of using concrete is that it can be set into any shape. If you’re interested in having a custom piece made, contact us, and we’ll discuss an estimated timeline and a quote.

    Best Fire Pit Material


    Modern White Fire Table


    We consider concrete to be one of the best materials for outdoor fire pits and tables. We’re not talking about grainy, rough, or porous concrete, but glass fiber reinforced concrete with smooth, seamless and beautifully colored finishes.

    There are many benefits to concrete fire pits -- for one, they are weighty, and this makes it impossible for them to knock them over or wobble. Concrete’s stone-like composition is also extremely heat resistance, making it a safe choice for holding fire and keeping the table surface safe to touch. When it comes to custom shapes and sizes, concrete is an excellent choice with the greatest range of customization possibilities.

    Concrete is also weather resistant and easy to clean and care for. They stand the test of time as permanent fixtures -- not something you will have to replace after a few years.

    Our concrete fire tables and bowls can be made in several different colors. We provide 4 in x 4 in concrete chip samples so you can see the exact color and material. A full refund is given when samples are returned.

    Included with Your Fire Pit:

    Enough lava rock to fill your fire bowl or table is included, as well as a 10 ft long gas hose if you plan on using propane.

    Special Add-ons for Fire Pits

    Fire Pit Protective Cover:

    We recommend fire pit covers when your fire pit is not in use. This keeps rain, snow, dirt, and debris out of your pit. Our covers are water-resistant and breathable and made of high-performance Marine Grade Sunbrella Fabric. The material is woven for breathability, so you don’t have to worry about mildew from trapped heat and moisture. Covers help your pit stay clean and beautiful when not in use, reducing the maintenance required at the start of each season.

    Glass barriers:

    Glass barriers can be added to fire tables and fire pits. They help protect the fire from wind or keep young children from getting too close to the flame. You might also prefer how your fire pit looks with a glass barrier around the flame. The only model that is not compatible with a glass surrounding is our Zen Fire Pit.

    Decorative fire beads:

    We carry 8 different colors of decorative fire beads that you can use to add a personal touch to your fire bowl or table. This tempered fire glass is specifically made for fire gas pits, so the glass beads maintain their color and luster even when it in direct contact with fire.

    Push button lighter:

    You can make turning on your fire pit more convenient with the addition of a push button igniter. We carry push-button ignition kits that can easily be hooked up to your fire pit during or after installation.

    Caring for your Fire Pit


    Round Modern Fire Pit


    Keep it covered:

    Keep your fire pit covered when not in use. Organic matter such as leaves or twigs carried from the wind or from nearby trees can damage your burners. It is recommended fire pits are protected from the rain and snow; this helps maintain the original finish. Custom fitted covers are available for each model and are made of water-resistant and breathable material.

    If you’re using a propane tank, tank covers can help keep your tank safe from the elements. Contact us if you’d like to have a cover made for your tank.


    Inspect burners:

    If you are using a gas fire pit, you must inspect and clean the burners and valves at least once a year. Even with clean fuels, your fire pit should be inspected and cleaned periodically. Ash can still accumulate if foreign or organic materials fall into the fire pit. Insect nests, dirt, and other buildups can block the flow of air. You can use a vacuum or small toothbrush and any household detergent to easily clean burners and valves. Make sure the burner porting and burner air openings are free of obstructions at all times.


    Stay safe:

    Keep the key to the valve on your fire pit close by in case there is a need to immediately turn the gas off. Turning the gas off will eliminate the flame. 

    Clean your concrete:

    You can care for your concrete fire pit by cleaning with a mild soap and water solution. Do not use chemicals or abrasive cleaning tools to avoid scratching or staining the surface. It’s also a good idea to help the longevity of your finish by resealing with a porous sealer the surface once or twice a year.

    In case of chips:

    Our concrete fire pits are highly resistant to chipping. However, if a chip occurs, you can contact us to obtain a repair kit for the appropriate color of your fire pit.

    Shipping of Fire Pits

    Our fire pits are shipped LTL (less than load). This minimizes cost and offers more service options like special handling, liftgates, and notifications prior to delivery.

    Important information for you to know about our shipping process and receiving your fire pit:

  • Someone will need to be onsite to meet the truck
  • Once off the lift truck, your fire pit will be left at the dock or project location, not at the exact assembly location
  • Fire pits are packaged in a protective wooden box that needs to be dissembled with a screw gun
  • Before receiving and signing, you’ll need to inspect your product for damages at the time of delivery

  • We hope this fire pit purchasing guide has made the whole process a bit easier for you. We’ve worked with both private residences and companies of all sizes to help them select the perfect fire feature for their entertainment space. If you have any questions while browsing our selection of fire features, send us a message or call (800) 563-0593.



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