A Designer's View on Modern Tapered Planters for Commercial Use

Posted on July 30, 2017

Tapered planters were originally designed to take advantage of the way plants grow, and to save water. These days, the elegant design of a gently tapered planter doubles as a classic piece of modern décor. PureModern’s collection of tapered planters and architectural outdoor planters for commercial use offers a wide range of styles, colors, and materials to suit any brand’s image and space. Here are some things to consider when choosing the right tapered planter for your space.

Architectural Planters Start with the Shape

When designers refer to something as architectural, they usually mean that it has a distinct geometric shape that makes the piece stand out in some way. Consider the beautiful appearance of a monument like the Eiffel Tower compared to, say, the way your local grocery store looks. That is the difference between an architectural planter, such as the Russell Vase Planter, and something without a tapered design, such as the Modern Elite. So, when you start choosing your tapered planters, begin with the shape. Do you prefer something that is tapered and rounded, or something more formal, like a tapered rectangle?

Next Choose the Right Materials for Your Space

You may love the look of bright red fiberglass architectural planters on a personal level, but are they right for a business whose brand image is based on a simple navy and gold filigree design? Probably not. Go for something that not only works for your brand’s look, but also for the space itself. Bright white fiberglass planters may not be right for an outdoor space where dirt is a frequent concern. Choose a sturdy metal in a darker neutral that will withstand lots of washing and still look good in between.

What Spaces Are Tapered Planters Right For?

In some offices, slim rectangular planters are the perfect way to divide large rooms into distinct spaces. PureModern’s collection of slim architectural outdoor planters is perfect for buildings that only need to frame an entrance, or that can’t use larger planters due to limited walking space. Try using commercial tapered planters for locations that are in strip malls or at busy walking intersections.

Get Custom Commercial Planters for Unique Spaces

Is your commercial space in a unique configuration? Were you forced to juggle a strange intersection or parking situation? If you can’t find the tapered architectural planters you want from our catalogue, contact us for a custom planter quote. We can not only help you design the right commercial planters, but we can produce these on a very tight turn around. Rush orders can often be completed in less than two weeks. Get in touch with us by calling 1-800-563-0593, or use our custom planter quote request form to get started. We strive to respond within 24-hours, so your commercial space won’t be bare for long!

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