900657_5_1.jpg, Chromed Steel, Blue
900657_5_1.jpg, Chromed Steel, Blue
900657_5_3.jpg, Chromed Steel, Blue
900655_1_1.jpg, Chromed Steel, Gray
900657_5_4.jpg, Chromed Steel, Blue
900657_5_5.jpg, Chromed Steel, Blue
900655_1_2.jpg, Chromed Steel, Gray
900655_1_3.jpg, Chromed Steel, Gray
900655_1_4.jpg, Chromed Steel, Gray
900655_1_5.jpg, Chromed Steel, Gray
900655_1_6.jpg, Chromed Steel, Gray
900657_5_9.jpg, Chromed Steel, Blue
900655_1_7.jpg, Chromed Steel, Gray
900655_1_8.jpg, Chromed Steel, Gray
900655_1_9.jpg, Chromed Steel, Gray

Sherwood Sleeper Chair

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With its thoroughly modern shape, the Sherwood Sleeper Chair is functional and lovely. This sectional gives ample room to stretch while napping or staying overnight. It has sleek modern curves and lines all wrapped in a polyblend fabric.

Available Finish/Color: Blue, Grey

Chromed Steel

Overall Size: 39 - 49(Adjustable) L x 29W x 34H inches/ 46 Lbs
Seat Height: 16 inches
Seat Width: 29 inches
Seat Depth: 27 - 49 inches Adjustable

Ships within 3-4 days

Collections: Modern Furniture, Seating

USA Shipping Only

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