BS-JY-RAV%20BM%2BE_5.JPG, Bamboo/ Espresso
BS-JY-RAV%20BM%2BW_1.JPG, Bamboo/ White
BS-JY-RAV%20BM%2BW_1_1.JPG, Bamboo/ White
BS-JY-RAV%20BM%2BE_5.JPG, Bamboo/ Espresso
BS-JY-RAV%20BM%2BW_1_2.JPG, Bamboo/ White
BS-JY-RAV%20BM%2BW_1_3.JPG, Bamboo/ White
BS-JY-RAV%20BM%2BW_1_4.JPG, Bamboo/ White
BS-JY-RAV%20BM%2BW_1_5.JPG, Bamboo/ White
BS-JY-RAV%20BM%2BE_5_1.JPG, Bamboo/ Espresso
BS-JY-RAV%20BM%2BE_5_2.JPG, Bamboo/ Espresso
BS-JY-RAV%20BM%2BE_5_3.JPG, Bamboo/ Espresso
BS-JY-RAV%20BM%2BE_5_4.JPG, Bamboo/ Espresso
BS-JY-RAV%20BM%2BE_5_5.JPG, Bamboo/ Espresso

Ravinia Bar Stool

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The Ravinia Barstool is the embodiment of upscale comfort. Its wide cushioned seat, backrest and adjustable base allow anyone to sit with ease, while its polished chrome base and leatherette cushions elevate the barstool to a sleek and sophisticated look.

18L x 18W x 38 - 43H inches / 22.5 lbs
Dia: 17.8 inches

Ships within 3-5 days

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