WEAVERChair-Transparent_1.jpg, Polycarbonate, Transparent
WEAVERChair-Transparent_1.jpg, Polycarbonate, Transparent
WEAVERChair-Transparent_2.jpg, Polycarbonate, Transparent
WEAVERChair-Transparent_3.jpg, Polycarbonate, Transparent
WEAVERChair-Transparent_4.jpg, Polycarbonate, Transparent

Weaver Chair

If there was a transparent Versailles floating in an alternate universe, that's where you would find the Weaver Chair. Made of clear polycarbonate, it's an intriguing hybrid of modern materials and antique silhouette. Make the old new again.

Finish: Polycarbonate
22.8L x 28.3W x 38H inches / 27 lbs
Seat Height: 15.7 inches
Seat Width: 22.4 inches
Seat Depth: 21.3 inches

No Assembly Required

Ships within 2-3 days

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