LS-OTRSTRI7%20CL_1_1.jpg, Glass/ Electrical
LS-OTRSTRI7%20CL_1_1.jpg, Glass/ Electrical
LS-OTRSTRI7%20CL_1_2.jpg, Glass/ Electrical
LS-OTRSLNG8%20CL_3_1.jpg, Glass/ Electrical
LS-OTRSTRI7%20CL_1_3.jpg, Glass/ Electrical
LS-OTRSSAU8%20CL_2_1.jpg, Glass/ Electrical
LS-OTRSLNG8%20CL_3_2.jpg, Glass/ Electrical
LS-OTRSLNG8%20CL_3_3.jpg, Glass/ Electrical
LS-OTRSSAU8%20CL_2_2.jpg, Glass/ Electrical
LS-OTRSSAU8%20CL_2_3.jpg, Glass/ Electrical

Torus Pendant Lamp

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Update your space with the industrial-inspired, LumiSource Torus Pendant Lamps. Available in three shapes: saucer,triangle, and long, the design feature a ribbed textured glass shades. These beautiful pendant lamps are a greataccent for a variety of decor styles. Try hang in pairs for a more dramatic effect! 60-Watt Edison Bulb included. Cord length: Up to 60"

7.3L x 7.3W x 6H inches

Ships within 3-5 days

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