BS-JY-TNT%20GN_3_1.JPG, Green
BS-JY-TNT%20MBN_7_1.JPG, Medium Brown
BS-JY-TNT%20MBN_7_2.JPG, Medium Brown
BS-JY-TNT%20BU_1_1.JPG, Blue
BS-JY-TNT%20MBN_7_3.JPG, Medium Brown
BS-JY-TNT%20GN_3_1.JPG, Green
BS-JY-TNT%20MBN_7_4.JPG, Medium Brown
BS-JY-TNT%20CHAR_2_1.JPG, Charcoal
BS-JY-TNT%20MBN_7_5.JPG, Medium Brown
BS-JY-TNT%20MBN_7_6.JPG, Medium Brown
BS-JY-TNT%20MBN_7_7.jpg, Medium Brown
BS-JY-TNT%20BU_1_2.JPG, Blue
BS-JY-TNT%20BU_1_3.JPG, Blue
BS-JY-TNT%20BU_1_4.JPG, Blue
BS-JY-TNT%20BU_1_5.JPG, Blue
BS-JY-TNT%20BU_1_6.JPG, Blue
BS-JY-TNT%20BU_1_7.jpg, Blue
BS-JY-TNT%20GN_3_2.JPG, Green
BS-JY-TNT%20GN_3_3.JPG, Green
BS-JY-TNT%20GN_3_4.JPG, Green
BS-JY-TNT%20GN_3_5.JPG, Green
BS-JY-TNT%20GN_3_6.jpg, Green
BS-JY-TNT%20GN_3_7.jpg, Green
BS-JY-TNT%20CHAR_2_2.JPG, Charcoal
BS-JY-TNT%20CHAR_2_3.JPG, Charcoal
BS-JY-TNT%20CHAR_2_4.JPG, Charcoal
BS-JY-TNT%20CHAR_2_5.JPG, Charcoal
BS-JY-TNT%20CHAR_2_6.JPG, Charcoal
BS-JY-TNT%20CHAR_2_7.jpg, Charcoal

Tintori Bar Stool

Free Shipping on Orders $100+

The Tintori Barstools are both clean and modern. Features a classy fabric seat with padding for additional comfort. The adjustable seat height feature allows you to raise or lower the seat from 27.5 inches up to 32 inches.

20.5L x 16.3W x 40 - 44.8H inches / 21.6 lbs
Seat: 16.3L x 16.3W inches
Adjustable Height: 27.5 to 32.3 inches

Ships within 3-5 days

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