Tau Taperus Tapered Rectangular Planter - 4885
Tau Taperus Tapered Rectangular Planter 4885 Granite
Tau Taperus Tapered Rectangular Planter 4885 Cream
Tau Taperus Tapered Rectangular Planter 4885 Metallic Silver
Tau Taperus Tapered Rectangular Planter - 4885

Tau Taperus Tapered Rectangular Planter - 4885

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The Taperus 4885 is available in 3 different sizes, and 17 different colors. Custom colors are available.

Resistant to Corrosion, Frost and UV
Commercial Grade Planter
Interior and Exterior Applications

UV Protective Automotive Paint

18H, Top 36L x 12W, Base 33L x 9W inches / 17 lbs
32H, Top 36L x 15W, Base 33L x 12W inches / 30 lbs
18H, Top 48L x 12W, Base 46L x 9W inches / 21 lbs

Available Options
Call 1-800-563-0593 for Custom Colors
Drainage Holes
Self-Watering inserts and tanks
EZ FILL-TER™ bag system

Lead Times
In stock planters ship within 1 to 2 weeks
Out of stock planters ship within 10 to 12 weeks
Please contact us to confirm current stock status

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