SPANGLERShelf-Natural_1.jpg, Metal, Natural
SPANGLERShelf-Natural_1.jpg, Metal, Natural
SPANGLERShelf-Natural_2.jpg, Metal, Natural
SPANGLERShelf-Natural_3.jpg, Metal, Natural
SPANGLERShelf-Natural_4.jpg, Metal, Natural
SPANGLERShelf-Natural_5.jpg, Metal, Natural

Spangler Shelf

The Spangler Shelf is a modern day curio cabinet. Made of distressed elm and metal. It beautifully displays anything from taxidermy owls to your sedate collection of National Geographics.

Cover: Fir Wood
Finish: Metal

17.7L x 28W x 80.3H inches / 115 lbs

Assembly Required

Ships within 2-3 days

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