Solar System Wall Clock, BAI Designs, Black, Heavy Duty Steel
Solar System Wall Clock, BAI Designs, Black, Heavy Duty Steel
Solar System Wall Clock, BAI Designs, Black, Heavy Duty Steel, Close Up Sun View

Solar System Wall Clock 16 inch

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The BAI Designs Solar System Wall Clock is made of a sheet of heavy gauge steel with the planets placed strategically at the hours in white dots proportional to their sizes. The newly discovered planet 'Sedna' is also added to the list, but we're keeping Pluto, just in case. The Sun is being represented by a large orange spinning disk at the center, with the planets orbiting around it in white hairlines. Our mother Earth is simply called 'HOME', screened in blue. An educational and whimsical design that functions as a time keeping clock for the planet Earth only. Requires one AA battery to operate. Gift-boxed.

Diameter: 16"
Depth: 1.5"

Ship Time: 3-5 days

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