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Sky Planter

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Our Sky textured planters are the perfect modern piece for use in your office, home, patio, or anywhere else you would like to grow plants. Our tapered planters feature a special textured surface designed to bend the light just like the sky does right before a beautiful sunset. Our custom textured planters are made from lightweight fiberglass this will work nicely indoor or outdoor, whichever you may prefer.

Our textured planters feature standard metal finishes including Bronze, Copper, and Matte Black (Zinc). Custom metals include Stainless Steel, Cast Iron and Brass. You can also order tapered planters that can be custom matched to any existing color in Matte or Glossy finishes. Please call for Custom pricing, and allow up to 12 weeks lead time if you require custom finishes and colors for your textured planters.

Stocked Sizes:

Small: 23" Top Diameter, 15.25" Base, 20" Height

Large: 30" Top Diameter, 19.25" Base, 26" Height

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