BS-JY-PN%20CH%2BW_2.JPG, Cherry/ White
BS-JY-PN%20CH%2BW_2.JPG, Cherry/ White
BS-JY-PN%20CH%2BW_2_1.JPG, Cherry/ White
BS-JY-PN%20ZB%2BBN_4.jpg, Zebra/ Brown
BS-JY-PN%20CH%2BW_2_2.JPG, Cherry/ White
BS-JY-PN%20CH%2BW_2_3.JPG, Cherry/ White
BS-JY-PN%20CH%2BW_2_4.jpg, Cherry/ White
BS-JY-PN%20ZB%2BBN_4_1.jpg, Zebra/ Brown
BS-JY-PN%20ZB%2BBN_4_2.jpg, Zebra/ Brown
BS-JY-PN%20ZB%2BBN_4_3.jpg, Zebra/ Brown
BS-JY-PN%20ZB%2BBN_4_4.jpg, Zebra/ Brown

Pino Bar Stool

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Uncork great kitchen and bar design with the Pino Bar Stool featuring a polished bent wood back and leatherette seat. Hydraulics with 360 degree turn allow for easy adjustment and rich color combinations add a lively spirit to this unique stool.

19L x 18.5W x 37 - 42H inches / 25 lbs
Adjustable Height: 27 to 32 inches

Ships within 3-5 days

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