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What kind of privacy do you desire for your home or office? There are three types available: Privacy by Distraction, Privacy by Distortion, or Privacy by Maximum Distortion.

When you don't want people looking in, our decorative privacy window film will provide the maximum distortion needed for a bathroom, indoor pool or spa, or office window. The semi-private or sheer modern window film will limit distractions for people looking out from a conference room during a meeting or children in a daycare setting by slightly distorting people walking by. For an added design element, choose the clear film for any storefront, kitchen, sidelight or cabinet glass application.

Option 1 - Privacy/Fully Frosted

This privacy or fully frosted window film is both functional and decorative and will allow you to create privacy by obstructing the view from the outside without giving up natural light penetration. This window film is available in either non-adhesive (cling) or with an adhesive. The frosted non-adhesive (cling) film uses no adhesive and easily removable.

Our privacy window film manufactured with the adhesive is suitable for interior and exterior facing window installation. This product is more permanent but can be removed with a bit more work. Quickly add privacy with a design element to windows, doors, sidelight glass, cabinet inserts (glass), shower doors and any other smooth glass surface.

Option 2 - Sheer

Sheer decorative adhesive window film is a perfect solution to provide limited privacy while adding dimension to your space. The sheer film is ideal for letting maximum light and color penetration while still lightly obscuring the view through a window. Sheer film will not alter natural light colors. In most circumstances, the film is easily applied and removable without leaving a residue. This film is ideal for shower doors, windows, and any location where visibility needs to be obscured.

Option 3 - Clear

Clear decorative window films are the perfect way to add a design element to any glass surface. The optically clear adhesive films use a light acrylic (clear) adhesive and are easily removable without any chemicals, heat, or special tools.

Each pattern is produced on an eco-friendly white ink and designed to last years without replacement.

Window films come in roll form and can be easily cut to any size or shape. This makes installation a simple DIY project, and it can be removed later without damage to the glass. Please note that the window film is easy to remove but not reusable.

Available Color/Finish: White or Black
Choose either: Privacy/Non-adhesive, Privacy/Adhesive, Clear or Sheer
Available in custom and bulk commercial roll sizes.
Cut your desired shape at install
Made in USA

PVC - Free cling window film
Adhesive window film
White eco-friendly ink

Standard: 36W x 48L inches
Large: 44W x 84L inches

Ships within 3 to 5 days

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