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Orion Planter

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The Orion Square Planter boasts a boldly angled tapered profile. Our tapered planters have a square profile ideal for setting them up neatly against an outside wall or along a sidewalk. These stylish square planters are perfectly suited for use inside or outdoors.

Orion square planters are made of a lightweight yet durable fiberglass construction. Each tapered planter is made to exacting standards and finished in a variety of metals that will age gracefully over time and develop a soft patina. Our reason for doing this is to ensure your tapered planter will provide you with many years of superior performance.

Our entire square planter inventory is offered in our standard in-stock finishes are Black Matte (Zinc), Bronze or Copper. Custom metal finishes include Stainless Steel, Cast Iron and Brass; can also be matched to any existing color in Matte or Glossy finishes. *Please allow up to 12 weeks lead time for Custom colors and finishes, we want your tapered planter to be a perfect match for the location you are placing it in.

Available Color/Finish: Bronze, Copper, Matte Black


Stocked Sizes:
XSmall: 15 1/4H, Top 16 Diameter, Base 12 Diameter inches /21Lbs
Small: 17H, Top 19 Diameter, Base 14 Diameter inches /22Lbs
Medium: 22H, Top 24 Diameter, Base 18 Diameter inches /32Lbs

Custom Sizes:
Large: 27H, Top 32 Diameter, Base 15 Diameter inches /62Lbs
XLarge: 32H, Top 36 Diameter, Base 27 Diameter inches /80Lbs
XXLarge: 38H, Top 42 Diameter, Base 32 Diameter inches /119Lbs

Lead Times
In stock planters ship within 1 week
Out of stock planters ship within 12 to 14 weeks
Please contact us to confirm current stock status

Ship Time: 4-6 weeks

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More About Infused Planters

Each planter is finished in a variety of metals that will age gracefully over time and develop a soft patina - including Zinc, Copper, Cast Iron, Stainless Steel or Bronze - or can be custom finished in your choice of color in glossy or matte finish.

How they will age over time: Copper, Matte Black, Bronze, Brass, Cast Iron, and Stainless Steel metal finishes are all optimized for outdoor use and will age naturally over time. Certain factors of climate can affect the degree of change, for example geographic areas with higher salinity will accelerate the patina of the bronze and copper finishes. Matte Black and Stainless Steel will become more matte over time.

Glossy custom color finishes are recommended for indoor or covered outdoor use to maintain their hue. Prolonged UV exposure will fade darker colors over time; Lighter colors maintain longer but may still fade as well.

Drainage: For outdoor use it is sometimes necessary to drill drainage holes. In most cases, three holes are more than sufficient, with diameters from 0.25" to 0.5" inches wide. Any standard drill bit may be used simply space the necessary holes evenly around the bottom of the container. For indoor use, no holes or exterior saucers are necessary. For indoors, it is recommended using a container with a plastic saucer within the fiberglass planter.

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