OLIVERConsoleTable-Walnut_1.jpg, MDF, Walnut
OLIVERConsoleTable-Walnut_1.jpg, MDF, Walnut
OLIVERConsoleTable-Walnut_2.jpg, MDF, Walnut
OLIVERConsoleTable-Walnut_3.jpg, MDF, Walnut
OLIVERConsoleTable-Walnut_4.jpg, MDF, Walnut
OLIVERConsoleTable-Walnut_5.jpg, MDF, Walnut

Oliver Console Table

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A sensual curved shape contrasted with a solid body makes the Oliver Console Table a perfect piece of organic modern furniture. The warm walnut tones and the clear glass is a dynamite combo. This table rocks!

Cover: Tempered Glass
Finish: MDF

13.8L x 43.5W x 28.5H inches / 105 lbs

Ships within 2-3 days

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