OfficerOfficeChair-Blue.jpg, Blue
OfficerOfficeChair-Blue.jpg, Blue
OfficerOfficeChair-Blue_1.jpg, Blue
OfficerOfficeChair-Blue_2.jpg, Blue
OfficerOfficeChair-Blue_3.jpg, Blue
OfficerOfficeChair-Blue_4.jpg, Blue
OfficerOfficeChair-Tangerine.jpg, Tangerine
OfficerOfficeChair-Tangerine_1.jpg, Tangerine
OfficerOfficeChair-Tangerine_2.jpg, Tangerine
OfficerOfficeChair-Tangerine_3.jpg, Tangerine
OfficerOfficeChair-Tangerine_4.jpg, Tangerine
OfficerOfficeChair-Tangerine_5.jpg, Tangerine
OfficerOfficeChair-Silver.jpg, Silver
OfficerOfficeChair-Silver_1.jpg, Silver
OfficerOfficeChair-Silver_2.jpg, Silver
OfficerOfficeChair-Silver_3.jpg, Silver
OfficerOfficeChair-Silver_4.jpg, Silver
OfficerOfficeChair-Black.jpg, Black
OfficerOfficeChair-Black_1.jpg, Black
OfficerOfficeChair-Black_2.jpg, Black
OfficerOfficeChair-Black_3.jpg, Black
OfficerOfficeChair-Black_4.jpg, Black
OfficerOfficeChair-LimeGreen.JPG, Lime Green
OfficerOfficeChair-LimeGreen_1.JPG, Lime Green
OfficerOfficeChair-LimeGreen_2.JPG, Lime Green
OfficerOfficeChair-LimeGreen_3.jpg, Lime Green
OfficerOfficeChair-LimeGreen_4.jpg, Lime Green

Officer Office Chair

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Bold comfort and style is the focus of this contemporary office chair. The Officer Office Chair features a leatherette seat and colorful mesh back, lumbar support, 360 degree swivel, caster wheels for mobility, and adjustable tilt and tension. The various mesh color styles will match any office decor, leaving nothing to be desired.

23L x 19W x 36 - 40H inches / 23.9 lbs
Adjustable Height: 18 to 22 inches

Ships within 3-5 days

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